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Joseph Arthur calls out to Lou

Par Brunhild M. |

Lou Reed’s songs are reinterpreted by Joseph Arthur...

For his new album, Joseph Arthur took inspiration from just one of his idols: Lou Reed. The release contains twelve songs selected from the vast repertoire of the New York singer-songwriter, who passed away in October 2013. It’s a sincere yet bold project, even more so given that the album is entirely composed of the most well-known songs from the former Velvet Underground frontman (we haven’t mentioned either that ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ has already had more than its fair share of cover versions)… Nevertheless, throughout this tribute (simply entitled ‘Lou’) Arthur succeeds in giving his album a real sense of unity. His voice, his style and his musical footprint are all there, and even if he refrains from altering the foundational DNA of his idol’s masterpieces, Joseph Arthur has been able to add an certain 'je ne sais quoi' to each song. It sounds pretty timeless as well, which can’t be a bad thing. We’ve had this album on loop here… Download or stream now on Qobuz.