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Clean Bandit to collaborate with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

Par Brunhild M. |

Clean Bandit is collaborating with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra on a new orchestral arrangement this September

Clean Bandit is to work with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra on a new orchestral arrangement based on their debut album New Eyes, which will be broadcast live on Radio 1 on the 10th September. This collaboration is part of BBC Philharmonic Presents…2014, a programme that invites various acts to play with the 90-strong, world-renowned orchestra. The 2014 programme also includes collaborations with Culture Club and Jarvis Cocker.

Clean Bandit is a band hailing from Cambridge that has risen to fame over the last year with the success of their huge hit single Rather Be, which stayed at number one in the English charts for four weeks and recorded over a million sales. Originally starting as a classical string quartet in 2009, the group now mixes authentic classical music with electronic, pop and deep house influences, playing their instruments themselves live on stage and in recording sessions. Commenting on the collaboration, band member Milan Neil Amin-Smith stated that "It would be cool if either pop or classical fans maybe felt inspired to listen to things that may be slightly out of their comfort zone’ as ‘we have always felt that there shouldn’t be any boundaries between any one genre". Mozart’s House, linked below, perfectly demonstrates this fusion of different genres. The track mixes Mozart’s String Quartet No.21with electronic beats, vocals and an MC. The collaboration will be a treat for both classical and pop/electronic fans alike, and presents the opportunity for all music lovers to branch out and explore different, innovative musical genres. September the 10th is most certainly not a date to miss!