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Timmy's Organism

Initially formed as an experimental solo venture of Detroit garage punk Timmy Vulgar (Human Eye, Clone Defects), Timmy's Organism quickly evolved into an explosive, occasionally frightening trio. While Vulgar employed synths on the project's abstract debut full-length, 2010's Rise of the Green Gorilla, Timmy's Organism went for a more straightforward (but still warped) rock band approach on subsequent albums like 2015's Heartless Heathen and 2018's Survival of the Fiendish. Timmy's Organism began in the late 2000s as the solo project of Timmy Vulgar, longtime frontman of a string of Detroit punk bands including the Epileptix, Clone Defects, and Human Eye. Vulgar was experimenting at home with four-track recording, using borrowed synthesizers to create ambient percussion for his extremely skewed Beefheart-ian approach to pop music. The first releases as Timmy's Organism came in the form of a string of 7" singles, including a self-titled double 7" on Sacred Bones. By 2009, Vulgar had brought in bassist Jeff Fournier and drummer Colin Sick to back him up, and Timmy's Organism expanded into a touring three-piece, existing in tandem with Vulgar's other highly active vehicle, Human Eye. More 7"s followed, the band leaning toward slightly comedic punk with song titles like "I'm a Nice Guy Now" and "Cold Pizza." The band released its first album, Rise of the Green Gorilla, on Sacred Bones in 2010 and followed it in 2012 with Raw Sewage Roq on In the Red Records. In 2014, Chicago indie HoZac Records issued a double-LP collection of Vulgar's various singles and rarities under the Timmy's Organism banner, appropriately titled Singles & Unreleased Tracks. Switching labels again, the trio found a new home with Jack White's Third Man Records, which issued their third LP, Heartless Heathen, in late 2015. Audio Social Dissent, a split live LP with Wolf Eyes and Video, also appeared on Third Man. Following Eating Colors, a limited LP released in 2017, Timmy's Organism moved to Burger Records for 2018's Survival of the Fiendish.
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