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Terry Lee Brown Junior

One in a growing legion of German producers influenced by the sound of Chicago, Terry Lee Brown, Jr. is the working pseudonym of Norman Feller, who produces from his base in a small town south of Frankfurt. Though many Teutons have made their careers on the sound of Detroit-influenced trance, Feller's music reveals no glimpse of its origins. His first productions appeared as Storming Norman on Influence Records, after which he connected with Tom Wax of Phuture Wax Records; recording for Phuture Wax as Watchman, he cut two of the biggest hard house tracks of 1996, "Watchman's Theme" and "Cut the Midrange." He had already debuted his guise Terry Lee Brown, Jr. (selected because it simply sounded like the name of an American house producer) on Plastic City, and recorded as Twisted Minds, Lectric Cargo and Wax Scientists as well. His debut Terry Lee Brown, Jr. album, 1996's Brother for Real, was followed by Chocolate Chords one year later. Plastic City also released Selected Remixes in late 1998; followed two years later with an album of remixes.
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