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Contenders for the title of Sweden's heaviest band, Stillborn formed in 1988, eventually comprising vocalist Henke, guitarist Kim, guitarist Henning, bassist Sam, and drummer Peter. The description of their sound was given to them by Sweden's biggest-selling newspaper, after Stillborn's Scandinavian tour of 1992, as a reference to their powerful live authority and doom-obsessed lyrics. Stillborn originally started as a quartet, and Necrospirituals quickly established their abrasive, threatening sound. After the band had expanded to a five-piece unit by 1990, that year's Permanent Solution was a more polished but still powerful effort. A great deal of press and broadcast attention followed, which was enough to persuade Roadrunner Records to license the record throughout Europe. State of Disconnection was just as brutal as previous albums but saw the group penetrate the international market for the first time, with excellent reviews appearing in metal magazines worldwide.
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