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Italian cyber-metal quartet Sisthema were founded in 1994 by original members Lucio Minghetti (guitar and backing vocals), and Massimo Pirazzoli (lead vocals). After winning a contest, the band, then a five-piece, was given the opportunity to contribute a track to a CD compilation called Jump the Grunge. A year later, the group recorded its first demo, a ten-song collection appropriately named Demo 1995, with new drummer Filippo Goni. The demo, which featured an early version of Sisthema's futuristic thrash, sold well and led to another compilation appearance, while the group continued to write material and hone its sound. In early 1997, Sisthema recorded its first album, Bioelectric Violent Sisthem, with sound engineer Riccardo Pasini (aka Paso). The record, another ten-song set, was distributed by Italian indie label Dawn of Sadness in 1998 and led to increased media visibility, better gigs, and positive write-ups in the underground metal press. The band were featured on Path Of Experience Records' Italian Experiences Vol. 2 compilation in early 1999, and, following the departure of its second guitarist, Sisthema decided to remain a four-piece. This trimmed-down lineup recorded a four-song promotional CD at Fear Studio later that year and was subsequently asked to sign with Noise Records. The conceptual The Fourth Discontinuity, Sisthema's first offering under the Noise umbrella, was released in 2001. The album is also carried by Century Media Records.
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