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Plateaus is a punk-flavored power pop quartet formed in San Diego in the late 2000s. The band came together from a loosely connected scene of area musicians who were all playing in other outfits -- drummer and sound engineer Jon Greene, singer/guitarist Kevin Gist, guitarist Elliot Moeller, and bassist Chris Rosi. The group quickly developed a sound informed by the grittier side of power pop, mainly bands like Redd Kross, Guided by Voices, and early additions to the Flying Nun Records roster. They chose their band name as an abstraction of the movie title Platoon, decided on when Gist was looking through DVDs and thought a slight mispronunciation of the title would make a fitting moniker. The group played locally for many months before releasing what would be a series of 7" singles on underground punk labels Art Fag and Hozac in 2011. In 2011 they also toured heavily, and 2012 was spent preparing a debut full-length, also slated for release on Art Fag records.
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