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Bonding over an undying love of the noisy guitar rock of the '90s, whether it was popular (Nirvana, Sonic Youth) or decidedly less so (the Vaselines, Urusei Yatsura), guitarist/vocalist Corrie Gillies, and drummer Chris McCrory formed Pinact during 2013 in Glasgow, Scotland. Eschewing the niceties of production values, the duo went for energy over form and began to build some buzz from their live shows around town. They first surfaced on record in late 2013 thanks to a split single with Min Diesel on the Cool Your Jets label. They released a couple songs on compilations throughout 2014, appearing on the Art Reeks 12" with the amazingly named bands Radstewart and Poledo, while also contributing a faithful cover of Teenage Fanclub's "Sparky's Dream" to an album of covers on Fuzzkill Records. Their D.I.Y. energy, which led them to tour constantly and play any place that would have them, and their powerful sound caught the ear of influential indie rock label Kanine, who signed them up and sent them off to the studio under the guidance of MJ of Hookworms. The resulting album, Stand Still and Rot, was released in May of 2015. Returning in the summer of 2017, Pinact followed up with the more melodically inclined The Part That No One Knows.
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