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Mortification is considered by many to be the most extreme Christian band in existence. Formed in 1990 from the remains of a band called Lightforce, Mortification sought to provide a positive alternative to traditional death metal acts such as Carcass, Death, and Obituary. On the strength of their self-titled 1990 debut, Mortification quickly gained a reputation in their native Australia for being one of the loudest and fastest bands around. Their 1992 follow-up, Scrolls of the Megilloth, garnered the band some attention from the heavy metal underground, and contains some of the most frightening vocals ever recorded. Their later albums were more experimental, combining elements of punk, death, and thrash metal; they include 1998's Triumph of Mercy and 2000's 10 Years Live, Not Dead. Bassist/vocalist Steve Rowe has handled most of the songwriting chores for group, and is the only remaining original member.
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