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Dissatisfied with the state of the music scene in their hometown of Tel Aviv, the Israeli trio Monotonix formed in November of 2005 with the mission of redefining the rock show. The band, consisting of singer Ami Shalev, guitarist Yonatan Gat, and drummer Ran Shimoni, channels the riff-heavy influences of Led Zeppelin, the Sonics, and Thin Lizzy to create raw, driving rock & roll. Shortly after forming, they would accomplish their mission in Tel Aviv, defying the expectations of what a rock show should be there. They would set up on the floor amidst the crowd and proceed to turn every performance into a wild party, wild enough that more often than not they would find the power getting shut off or the police called to break up the show. Eventually finding themselves banned from most of the venues in Tel Aviv, Monotonix decided to leave Israel so they could tour the United States and Europe. From 2006 to 2007, the band played over 300 shows around the world, including SXSW and a tour with Silver Jews. These tours furthered their reputation as a band whose shows are not watched, but experienced. Monotonix have become known for setting themselves and their equipment on fire, stealing drinks from audience members to pour on themselves, and generally turning their shows into unabashed, frenzied dance parties. In 2007, the band recorded its first EP, Body Language, with Tim Green of the Fucking Champs. The album arrived in April of 2008 on Drag City. The trio released its first full-length, Where Were You When It Happened?, the following year. Monotonix then kicked off a world tour by opening for Faith No More in their home town of Tel Aviv. In 2010, they took a break from their intense touring schedule to head into the studio to record with Steve Albini. The result would be their second full-length, Not Yet, which was released in 2011.
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