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Lissa Schneckenburger

Although Lissa Schneckenburger's lyrical fiddle work and airy vocals are rooted in the musical traditions of the British Isles, she brings to her original work a unique flair that is entirely her own. Emerging in the early 2000s, the New Englander's talent and affinity for Celtic material was evident from the start, but as her career progressed, she also trafficked in more contemporary song forms, releasing a deeply eclectic covers album in 2013, followed in 2019 by the all-original folk-pop collection Thunder in My Arms. She entered the next decade with a series of singles including 2021's "Bedlam Blues." Growing up in rural Maine, Schneckenburger was drawn to folk music at a young age and began playing the fiddle at the age of six. After earning a degree at the New England Conservatory of Music, she made her debut with 2001's Different Game, an album which introduced her lilting mix of original songwriting and traditional fiddle music. Phantom Power, a duo album with pianist Bruce Rosen, followed in 2003. While teaching and performing widely, Schneckenburger continued to release albums in a similar vein, like 2005's Lissa Schneckenburger and 2008's Song, each one featuring a variety of collaborators. Following 2010's Dance, she shifted focus away from traditional material to instead honor some of her pop, rock, and even country influences. 2013's Covers featured Schneckenburger's takes on songs by artists like Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, and the Magnetic Fields. Continuing to expand her sound, 2019's Thunder in My Arms was her first album of entirely original songs and was largely inspired by the adoption of her son. Over the next two years, Schneckenburger returned with the stand-alone singles "Labor On" and "Bedlam Blues."
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