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Justin Wright

Montreal-based cellist and composer Justin Wright works in languorous drones and minimalistic arrangements, but also delves into electronics, field recordings, and ambient textures on his thoughtful and often beautifully melancholic compositions. After focusing on more modern classical material in his earlier work, 2022's A Really Good Spot explored modular synthesizers, lo-fi recording methods, and even implemented sung and spoken vocalizations. Wright came up in Montreal's closely knit musical community, spending just as much time collaborating with experimental indie rock acts as he did in classical music circles. He worked closely with artists like Common Holly and Mauritanian singer/songwriter Daby Toure, while also composing on his own. His 2019 debut album, Music for Staying Warm, was recorded during a residency at the Banff Center, and translated ambient drones into small string ensemble arrangements. Composer Peter Broderick was moved by the album, and covered several of its pieces on piano, releasing the results as the 2020 EP Peter Broderick Plays Justin Wright. His second album, 2022's A Really Good Spot, went into different territory than his debut. Wright incorporated a larger spectrum of sounds into the album, interspersing modular synthesizer patches, electronics, and recordings of various human voices among his cello-led compositions.
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