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Jay-Jay Johanson

Swedish singer/songwriter Jäje Johanson, who goes by the stage name Jay-Jay Johanson, infuses the slow-burn aesthetics of downbeat and trip-hop with the metallic pulse of electro-pop, resulting in his own brand of film noir-imbued electronic melancholy. Johanson released his debut album, Whiskey, in 1996, followed by Tattoo in 1998. His third outing, 2000's Poison, debuted at number four on the French pop charts. Released in 2002, Antenna was recorded with the help of German IDM group Funkstörung, and 2005's Rush boasted contributions from French producer/multi-instrumentalist Jean-Pierre Ensuque. The following year, Johanson appeared on the Knife's Silent Shout, and began work on 2007's The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known. Spellbound, his eighth studio album, arrived in 2012. On the following year's Cockroach, Johanson delved further into traditional jazz and string arrangements, and reunited with Guthrie and Funkstörung for 2015's smoothly seductive Opium. Two years later, he returned with Bury the Hatchet, a double album that incorporated blues and R&B as well as classical and electronic touches.
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