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Washington, D.C.'s post-punk trio Flasher were one of the key bands to emerge from the city's independent label Sister Polygon and the scene it supported. The trio met as teenagers after childhood friends Daniel Saperstein (bass) and Emma Baker (drums) formed Sad Bones, and Taylor Mulitz (guitar) befriended the pair at one of the band's gigs. The trio drifted apart after they graduated from different high schools and went on to study at separate universities. Mulitz eventually dropped out of MICA in Baltimore to join the D.C. post-punk band Priests as their bass player and help them run their label Sister Polygon, which would release records by notable acts like Downtown Boys and Snail Mail. In 2013, Mulitz and Baker reconnected and started the punk band Young Trynas while they were both in Baltimore, with Saperstein joining shortly after. By 2016, that band had become Flasher and released their debut self-titled EP via Sister Polygon, which they recorded in a friend's basement before renting studio space from Fugazi's Brendan Canty. In 2017 they put out the 7" "Winnie/Burn Blue" and were later signed by Domino. Mulitz officially left Priests to focus on Flasher, and the group began work on their debut long-player. Constant Image marked their first recording with a producer, Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, the War on Drugs), in a move away from pure D.I.Y. Extending D.C.'s punk lineage from its hardcore Dischord origins, the record's synth flashes and danceability owed as much, if not more, to new wave as it did to bands like Minor Threat.
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