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The London-based indie rock trio Feature mix the spiky punch of punk with the gigantic guitars of '90s alt rock. Formed by drummer/vocalist Jen Calleja (who was concurrently in the band Sauna Youth) and guitarist/vocalist Liv Willars in 2012, they played as a duo for two years and released a four-song EP, Culture of the Copy, before they were joined by bassist Heather Perkins of the band Slowcoaches. They released a split single with Slowcoaches in 2015, then toured with them. The band also played with groups like Chain and the Gang, Protomartyr, and the Julie Ruin, and appeared at the Supernormal Festival. By the time their first album, Banishing Ritual, was released in 2017 by Upset the Rhythm, the trio had gone their separate ways. Willars moved to Sheffield; Calleja continued on with Sauna Youth, their alter ego band Monotony, and Gold Foil; while Perkins continued to play with Slowcoaches.
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