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Das Ich

With the Germanic vocals of Stefan Ackermann set to the electronic sounds of Bruno Kramm and Daniel Galda, Das Ich continues to reach out to an ever-growing audience with a diverse range of atmospheric textures. Their album, Die Propheten, which sold more than thirty thousand copies when first released in Germany in 1981, was reissued in the United States in January 1997. Since the mid-1990s, Das Ich has increasingly focused on building a following in North America. They toured the United States in 1996 and 1997. The group switched to a more danceable, up-tempo, style with their spring 1997 album, Egodram. Their music provided the soundtrack of the Hans Helmut Haessler-directed and produced film, Das Ewige Light. Das Ich brings together three musicians with very different roots. While Ackermann was born in Berlin, keyboardist Galda hails from East Germany. Electronics wiz Kramm, who was born in Munich, formed his first electronic group, Fahrenheit 451 in 1986. In addition to composing the trio's material, Kramm programs the synthesizers and samples and mixes the group's albums.
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