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This technical death metal outfit from Vancouver embodies elements of deathcore, grindcore, and even some progressive metal tendencies underneath its angular attack fueled by the twin-guitar pyrotechnics of eight-string guitarist Dean Lamb and seven-string guitarist Tobi Morelli, with vocalist/lyricist Oliver Rae Aleron, drummer Spencer Prewett, and bassist Jared Smith (the only non-original member). Though they record infrequently, they tour and rehearse almost constantly. Their sophisticated musical character offers blistering guitar riffs, prodigious six- and four-string sweeps, and tapping amid syncopated prog drumming and filthy vocals. While these characteristics were initially showcased on 2011's All Shall Align and 2014's tech-death textbook offering The Lucid Collective after Smith's arrival in 2016, they created a wholly individual, signature attack for 2017's Restless Mutation and gelled on 2021's raucous Bleed the Future. Founded in 2009 by vocalist Oliver Rae Aleron and drummer Spencer Prewett, the guitarists joined shortly thereafter along with bassist Jaron Evil (ex-Funeral Fornication), although he left the band after its debut full-length All Shall Align in 2011. Due to the technical facility of the band's guitar players, Evil hadn't been replaced when the band signed to Seasons of Mist to issue their sophomore outing, The Lucid Collective, in 2014; Clayton Harder assisted the group on tour. Six-string bassist Jared Smith (ex-Civil Ruin and Harvest the Infection) joined the group permanently in January of 2016 and their sound began to evolve almost immediately. Archspire dove into writing as a quintet for the band's third effort, Relentless Mutation, which was issued in September of 2017. The album peaked inside the top of the Independent Albums chart. In 2019, the band made international tech news when internationally renowned guerilla programming duo Dadabots created a neural network that was trained on Archspire's music and produced a non-stop stream of technical death metal, all based on the band's original music. Dadabots' public reasoning was that Archspire's songs produced the most consistent artificial intelligence due to their machine-like precision drumming and shard-like guitars. In October 2021, the quintet issued Bleed the Future. Recorded at Denver's Flatline Audio, it was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by studio owner and ace metal drummer Dave Otero.
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