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The Apartments - Monochrome Melancholy

By Marc Zisman |

With his 1992 chamber pop masterpiece Drift, re-released in 2010, Peter Milton Walsh quickly earned a place in the songwriters hall of fame.

In 2015, the Australian resurrected his cult band in an attempt to move forward after the death of his young son in 1999, from which he never recovered. The result of this unexpected comeback was No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal, a sleek album which is as dark as it is beautiful. Five years down the line, the brains behind The Apartments is still working mono-chromatically. With In and out of the Light, the sophistication and detail of his compositions have produced a compelling blues pop record that sounds like it's descended from the Walker Brothers.

The recording of this seventh studio album began in Sydney in 2019, where both Walsh and bassist Eliot Fish live, and ended in early 2020 before the coronavirus lockdown hit Australia. Meanwhile, in France (Natasha Penot and Antoine Chaperon) and in London (Nick Allum), various instrumental pieces were being recorded, ready to incorporate into the tracks.

The final product is flawless! Walsh is the guru of a particular type of melancholy, but his music is never dull or lifeless. The Brisbane-born artist and his musicians always add a touch of class, be it with a ghostly trumpet on Butterfly Kiss, or a lone piano on We Talked Through Till Dawn.


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