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Bronson Bronson Bronson

By Smaël Bouaici |

This latest album from Bronson is a multi genre electronic album that experiments with deep house elements, industrial sound design and lush vintage synthesisers.

The idea for BRONSON had been bubbling away in the minds of Americans Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, the two members of ODESZA, and Australian Tom Stell, aka Golden Features, for six years prior to its formation. The trio met during a festival in 2014 before they began sending files to each other across the planet. The group finally got together in 2018, shutting themselves away in Berry, a village 200km south of Sydney. Between the duo, who symbolised the future beats generation in the middle of the 2010s, and this vocal deep house producer, one would expect silky grooves, bright synths and suave features. Such is the case on the single Heart Attack, with vocals from lan.ra (Laura Bettinson), and Bline, but the more interesting tracks are the ones we least expected.

The second single, Vault, offers a more profound and directionless concept, a more experimental track featuring broken beats and meticulous sound design. Keep Moving is a kind of mutant house track with an uneasy industrial edge. “The track really proved a departure for each artist’s own respective styles and set a definitive change in direction for the BRONSON project”, explain the group.

All in all, this electro-house influenced album is a pleasure to listen to, offering a fresh take on electronic music.

Listen to the album commentary below!


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