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The Kanneh-Mason's Keep it in the Family

Isata, the pianist sister, and Sheku, the cellist brother, finally record together for their first duo project entitled "Muse", based on pieces by Rachmaninoff and Barber...

Courtney Barnett Takes Her Time

With "Things Take Time, Take Time", the Australian pens a third album that is even more introspective than usual. A beautiful record conceived during lockdown and after a break-up...

Mamma Mia! ABBA are Back!

ABBA lovers, and even some ABBA haters, can agree that the groups latest album 'Voyage' is definitely worth a listen. Even if it is just to see what they sound like after forty long years...

L'Arpeggiata, Next Stop: Naples

With "Alla Napoletana", Christina Pluhar's ensemble explores the musical facets (known and less known) of the most unique and intoxicating of Italian metropolises: Naples. An album that reflects the city's vibrant musical personality from the 17th to the 20th century, from the operatic style of the famous Neapolitan school that had its peak at the end of the 18th century, to popular songs and dances.

The War on Drugs Return

Four their fifth studio album, The War on Drugs bring us tight and timeless rock built on meditation and reflection.

Linda Fredriksson - Where Poetry and Jazz Meet

'Juniper' by Linda Fredriksson is a rare musical pearl found in the sea of contemporary jazz. Full of breath and free spirit, it proves itself a worthy Qobuzissime.

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