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Hi-Res New Releases

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Playlist: Hi-Res New Releases

by Qobuz Nordic

  • 80 tracks - 06h07m

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All of these new releases have at least one thing in common - Hi-Res! Last updated on 23.9.2022. Featuring Tamino, Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin, Al-Qasar, Caroline Shaw, Makaya McCraven, Laurent Coulondre, Chick Corea, Editors, Tim Burgess, Blank & Jones, Pink Floyd, Marcus Mumford, Suede, Jesca Hoop, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Julian Lage, The Bkack Ang...

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Hi-Res New Releases

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Title Artist Album Duration
You Don't Own Me
Tamino Sahar 00:04:20

Colin Greenwood, Bass, Drum Machine, AssociatedPerformer - Jo Francken, Producer, Drum Programming, AssociatedPerformer - Paul Klinck, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Stefan Wellens, Viola, AssociatedPerformer - Jeroen Baert, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Seraphine Stragier, Cello, AssociatedPerformer - Yumika Lecluyze, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Karel Coninx, Viola, AssociatedPerformer - Karen Speltincx, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Tamino, MainArtist - Tamino-Amir Moharam Fouad, Producer, Guitar, Piano, Vibraphone, Vocals, Oud, Synthesizer Programming, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Hendrik Lasure, Piano, AssociatedPerformer - Ruben Vanhoutte, Percussion, Drum, Synthesizer Programming, AssociatedPerformer - Claire Bourdet, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Simon Beeckaert, Double Bass, AssociatedPerformer - Lisbeth Lannie, Viola, AssociatedPerformer - PJ Maertens, Producer, Guitar, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Synthesizer Programming, AssociatedPerformer - Elke Vandeverre, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Lucas Caluwaerts, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Jasmijn Lootens, Cello, AssociatedPerformer - Pieter-Jan Desmet, Cello, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2022 Communion Records

Vieux Farka Toure Ali 00:05:16

Eric Herman, Producer - Vieux Farka Touré, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Mark Speer, AssociatedPerformer - BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd., MusicPublisher - Boureima Touré, Arranger - Khruangbin, Producer, Arranger, MainArtist - Steve Christensen, Producer - Laura Lee Ochoa, AssociatedPerformer - Donald "DJ" Johnson Jr., AssociatedPerformer

2022 Dead Oceans, in association with Night Time Stories, Ltd 2022 Dead Oceans, in association with Night Time Stories, Ltd

Other Song
Caroline Shaw Caroline Shaw: Evergreen 00:03:42

Caroline Shaw, Composer, Vocals, MainArtist - Attacca Quartet, String Quartet, MainArtist - Alan Bise, Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Masterer

© 2022 Caroline Shaw, under exclusive license to Nonesuch Records Inc. ℗ 2022 Caroline Shaw, under exclusive license to Nonesuch Records Inc.

In These Times
Makaya McCraven In These Times 00:07:09

Jeff Parker, AssociatedPerformer - David Allen, Mixer, Engineer - GREG WARD, AssociatedPerformer - Brandee Younger, AssociatedPerformer - Joel Ross, AssociatedPerformer - De'Sean Jones, AssociatedPerformer - Marquis Hill, AssociatedPerformer - Dave Vettraino, Mixer, Engineer - Makaya McCraven, Composer, Producer, Mixer, Engineer, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Junius Paul, AssociatedPerformer - Matt Gold, AssociatedPerformer - Zara Zaharieva, AssociatedPerformer - Greg Spero, AssociatedPerformer - Irvin Pierce, AssociatedPerformer - Lia Kohl, AssociatedPerformer - Makaya Music ASCAP, administered by Domino Publishing Co, MusicPublisher

2022 International Anthem under exclusive license to XL Recordings Ltd 2022 International Anthem under exclusive license to XL Recordings Ltd

Prima Materia
Connie Han Secrets of Inanna 00:05:12

Chris Allen, MasteringEngineer, MixingEngineer, RecordingEngineer - Bill Wysaske, Composer, Producer - Connie Han, MainArtist - Steven Sacco, AssistantEngineer - Whychazz Music (ASCAP), MusicPublisher

(C) 2022 Mack Avenue Records II, LLC (P) 2022 Mack Avenue Records II, LLC

Meva Festa
Laurent Coulondre Meva Festa 00:04:55

Stéphane Guillaume, MainArtist - Nicolas Folmer, MainArtist - Martin Wangermee, MainArtist - Jeremy Bruyere, MainArtist - Laurent Coulondre, Composer, MainArtist - Lucas Saint Cricq, MainArtist - Robinson Khoury, MainArtist - Alexis Bourguignon, MainArtist - Adriano Dos Santos Tenorio, MainArtist

2022 New World Production 2022 New World Production

Dignity (Live - Montreux Jazz Festival 2001)
Chick Corea Chick Corea: The Montreux Years 00:07:14

CHICK COREA, Composer, Piano - Avishai Cohen, Bass - Jeff Ballard, Drums - Chick Corea New Trio, MainArtist

© 2022 BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited ℗ 2022 Montreux Sounds under exclusive license to Montreux Media Ventures and BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited

Karma Climb
Editors EBM 00:05:18

Editors, Composer, MainArtist - D. Sardy, MixingEngineer - Justin Lockey, Producer - Blanck Mass, Composer, Producer - Elliott Williams, Producer

2022 Play It Again Sam 2022 Play It Again Sam

Typical Music
Tim Burgess Typical Music 00:03:03

Tim Burgess, Composer, MainArtist - David Fridmann, MixingEngineer - Daniel O'Sullivan, Producer

2022 Bella Union 2022 Bella Union

This Is The Day
Blank & Jones Relax Edition 14 00:03:43

Matt Johnson, Composer, Lyricist - Blank & Jones, Artist, MainArtist - Piet Blank, Producer, Keyboards - Jaspa Jones, Producer, Keyboards - Andy Kaufhold, Producer, Keyboards - Zoe Durrant, FeaturedArtist - Complete Music Ltd, MusicPublisher

2022 Soundcolours GmbH & Co. KG 2022 Soundcolours GmbH & Co. KG

Sham System
Al-Qasar Who Are We? 00:04:35

Alain Johannes, MixingEngineer - dave collins, MasteringEngineer - Jaouad El Garouge, Percussion - Nicolas Derolin, Percussion - Al-Qasar, MainArtist - Thomas Attar Bellier, Composer, Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Keyboards, Saz, SoundEngineer - Paul Void, Drums - Guillaume Théoden, BassGuitar

2022 Glitterbeat Records 2022 Glitterbeat Records

Sheep (2018 Remix)
Pink Floyd Animals 00:10:17

Bernie Grundman, Engineer - David Gilmour, Guitar, Bass Guitar - Roger Waters, Composer, Guitar, Vocals - Pink Floyd, Producer, MainArtist - James Guthrie, MasteringEngineer, RemixingEngineer - Joel Plante, Assistant Mix Engineer, MasteringEngineer - Richard Wright, Keyboards - Nick Mason, Drums - Brian Humphries, Engineer

© 2022 Pink Floyd Music Ltd. Marketed and distributed by Parlophone Records Limited, ℗ 2022 Pink Floyd Music Ltd

Marcus Mumford (self-titled) 00:04:13

Pino Palladino, Bass, AssociatedPerformer - Steve Ferrone, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Blake Mills, Producer, Mixer, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Vocals, Synth Bass, Harmonium, AssociatedPerformer, StudioPersonnel, ComposerLyricist - Rob Moose, Strings, AssociatedPerformer - Scott Moore, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Marcus Mumford, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Patricia Sullivan, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Reuben James, Organ, AssociatedPerformer - Joseph Lorge, Mixer, Baritone Guitar, AssociatedPerformer, StudioPersonnel - Logan Taylor, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Danielle Ponder, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Danielle Goldsmith, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Gabe Lowry, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Gavin Batty, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2022 Marcus Mumford

Personality Disorder
Suede Autofiction 00:04:00

Suede, MainArtist - Brett Anderson, Composer, Vocals, Writer - Richard Oakes, Composer, Writer - Neil Codling, Composer, Piano, Writer, Synthesizer - Simon Gilbert, Drums - ALAN MOULDER, Mixer - John Davis, Engineer - Ed Buller, Producer, Production - Caesar Edmunds, Engineer - John Prestage, Engineer - Linn Fijal, Engineer - Vilma Colling, Engineer - Rebecca Hordern, Engineer - Mathew Osman, Bass

© 2022 Suede Limited under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited ℗ 2022 Suede Limited under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited

Sudden Light
Jesca Hoop Order of Romance 00:03:47

John Parish, Producer - Jesca Hoop, MainArtist - Jessica Hoop, Composer, Lyricist

2022 Memphis Industries 2022 Memphis Industries

What's Love Got To Do With It
Miles Davis That's What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7 00:04:21

Terry Britten, Composer, Lyricist - Miles Davis, Producer, Trumpet, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Steve Thornton, Percussion - Robert Irving III, Producer, Keyboards - Bob Berg, Soprano Saxophone - John Scofield, Guitar - Graham Lyle, Composer, Lyricist - Darryl Jones, Bass - Vince Wilburn, Jr., Drums, Co-Producer

(P) 2022 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Lazy Bird (Take 1)
John Coltrane Blue Train: The Complete Masters 00:09:21

John Coltrane, Tenor Saxophone, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Michael Cuscuna, Producer - Rudy Van Gelder, Mastering Engineer, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Alfred Lion, Producer - Paul Chambers, Bass, AssociatedPerformer - Lee Morgan, Trumpet, AssociatedPerformer - Philly Joe Jones, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Kenny Drew, Piano, AssociatedPerformer - Curtis Fuller, Trombone, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2015 Capitol Records, LLC

Julian Lage View With A Room 00:04:28

Dave King, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Steve Cook, A&R Admin - Bill Frisell, Electric Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Julian Lage, Arranger, Electric Guitar, Work Arranger, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Armand Hirsch, Producer, Additional Producer - Rachel Jones, A&R - Jorge Roeder, Acoustic Bass Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Mark Goodell, Mixer, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Randy Merrill, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Margaret Glaspy, Producer - Traci Fuller, A&R Admin - Amon Drum, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Greg Tock, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Urosh Jovanovich, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2022 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Vermillion Eyes
The Black Angels Wilderness of Mirrors 00:04:09

The Black Angels, Producer, MainArtist - Jake Garcia, Composer - Stephanie Bailey, Composer - Christian Bland, Composer - Brett Orrison, Producer

2022 Partisan Records 2022 Partisan Records

An Alien In Minneapolis
Ondara Spanish Villager No. 3 00:05:25

Mike Viola, Producer, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Recording Engineer, Synthesizer, Baritone, Electric Bass, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer, StudioPersonnel - Sebastian Steinberg, Upright Bass, AssociatedPerformer - David Boucher, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Craig Silvey, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Taylor Goldsmith, Electric Guitar, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Griffin Goldsmith, Drums, Percussion, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Ondara, Guitar, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Greg Reierson, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - August Ogren, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2022 Verve Label Group, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Ozzy Osbourne Patient Number 9 00:03:03

Ozzy Osbourne, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, Vocal - Zakk Wylde, Guitar - Mike McCready, Guitar, FeaturedArtist, AssociatedPerformer - John Osbourne, Composer, Lyricist - Ali Tamposi, Composer, Lyricist - ALAN MOULDER, Mixing Engineer - Paul Lamalfa, Engineer - Duff McKagan, Composer, Lyricist, Bass - Chad Smith, Composer, Lyricist, Drums - Matt Colton, Mastering Engineer - Andrew Watt, Producer, Guitar, Background Vocal - Tom Herbert, Assistant Engineer - Marco Sonzini, AdditionalStudioProducer - Andrew Wotman, Composer, Lyricist - Adam John Fuller, AdditionalStudioProducer - Ozzy Osbourne feat. Mike McCready, AssociatedPerformer

(P) 2022 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

Jockstrap I Love You Jennifer B 00:03:45

John Davis, Engineer - William Clark, AssociatedPerformer - Jockstrap, MainArtist - Georgia Ellery, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Taylor Skye, Producer, Mixer, AssociatedPerformer - Felix Stephens, AssociatedPerformer - Ella Fox, AssociatedPerformer - Michael Dunlop, AssociatedPerformer - Dominic Ingham, AssociatedPerformer - Ivelina Ivanova, AssociatedPerformer - Luke Mark, AssociatedPerformer - Johanna Burnheart, AssociatedPerformer - Freya Hicks, AssociatedPerformer - Taylor Skye Burton, Composer - Sally Belcher, AssociatedPerformer - Annie-May Page, AssociatedPerformer - Camille Saïd, AssociatedPerformer - Evie Coplan, AssociatedPerformer - Gwyneth Nelmes, AssociatedPerformer - Isobel Doncaster, AssociatedPerformer - Jonah Spindle, AssociatedPerformer - Nina Lim, AssociatedPerformer - Victoria Farrell-Reed, AssociatedPerformer - Zoe Hodi, AssociatedPerformer - Angus Webster, Conductor - Nazil Erdogan, AssociatedPerformer

2022 Jockstrap under exclusive licence to Rough Trade Records Ltd 2022 Jockstrap under exclusive licence to Rough Trade Records Ltd

Disco Ears
Joshua Redman LongGone 00:06:21

Joshua Redman, Composer, Producer, Tenor Saxophone, Writer, MainArtist - Christian McBride, Bass, MainArtist - Greg Calbi, Masterer - Brad Mehldau, Piano, MainArtist - JAMES FARBER, Mixer, Engineer, AssociateProducer - Brian Montgomery, AdditionalEngineer - Brian Blade, Drums, MainArtist - Owen Mulholland, AssistantEngineer - Steven Sacco, AssistantEngineer

© 2022 Nonesuch Records, Inc. ℗ 2022 Nonesuch Records, Inc.

Child’s Song
Enrico Rava The Song Is You 00:07:09

Fred Hersch, Composer, Piano, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Manfred Eicher, Producer - Enrico Rava, Flugelhorn, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Stefano Amerio, Mixer, Mastering Engineer, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2022 ECM Records GmbH

Cloud 10
Chip Wickham Cloud 10 00:02:15

Jon Scott, Drums - Javier Ortiz, ProductionAssistant - Chip Wickham, Composer, Producer, MainArtist, MixingEngineer, TenorSaxophone - Phil Wilkinson, Piano - Peter Beckmann, MasteringEngineer - Simon Houghton, DoubleBass - Jose Maseda, ProductionAssistant - Ton Risco, Vibraphone

2022 Gondwana Records 2022 Gondwana Records

Romance With A Memory
Oliver Sim Hideous Bastard 00:02:57

Sam Dees, Composer - James Smith, Composer - David Wrench, Mixer - Alex Dromgoole, Engineer - Oliver Sim, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Universal Music Publishing Ltd., MusicPublisher - Universal Music Publishing Group, MusicPublisher - Primary Wave, MusicPublisher - Shelby Singleton Music, MusicPublisher - Jamie xx, Producer, Engineer, AssociatedPerformer - William Crump, Composer

2022 Young 2022 Young

Horsepower For The Streets
Jonathan Jeremiah Horsepower For The Streets 00:02:23

Jonathan Jeremiah, Composer, Producer, MainArtist - Ruben Samama, MixingEngineer - Damiano Pascarelli, Composer

2022 [PIAS] Recordings Germany 2022 [PIAS] Recordings Germany

Three Eyes Open Explicit
Greentea Peng GREENZONE 108 00:04:10

Jonathan Quarmby, Producer, Programming, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Stuart Hawkes, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Ben Baptie, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Greentea Peng, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Aria Wells, ComposerLyricist - Jaega Francis Mckenna-Gordon, Drums, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2022 Universal Music Operations Limited

Let Me Be Great Explicit
Sampa the Great As Above, So Below 00:03:54

Jean Hebrail, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Angelique Kidjo, Vocals, FeaturedArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Sampa the Great, MainArtist - Sampa Tembo, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Mwanje, Additional Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Magnus Mando, ComposerLyricist - Tio Nason, Additional Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Sammy Masta, Guitar, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Samuel Nyambe, Keyboards, AssociatedPerformer - Magnus “Mag44” Mando, Producer, Drum Programming, Recording Producer, AssociatedPerformer - Ben “Blazer” Kalulu, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Arthur Kabaso Seba, Saxophone, AssociatedPerformer - Samuel Masta, ComposerLyricist

℗ 2022 Sampa The Great Pty Ltd.

My Horror
Santigold Spirituals 00:02:36

Rostam Batmanglij, Producer - Boys Noize, Producer - Santigold, Producer, MainArtist - Doc McKinney, Producer

2022 Little Jerk Records 2022 Little Jerk Records

Two Door Cinema Club Keep On Smiling 00:03:39

Dan Grech-Marguerat, Producer, MixingEngineer - Two Door Cinema Club, MainArtist - Alex Trimble, Producer - A.Trimble, Composer - K.Baird, Composer - S.Halliday, Composer

2022 Lower Third under exclusive licence to [PIAS] 2022 Lower Third under exclusive licence to [PIAS]

Still Explicit
Kenny Beats LOUIE 00:02:42

Joe LaPorta, Engineer - Universal Music Publishing, MusicPublisher - Universal Music Publishing Group, MusicPublisher - Omar Velasco, Lyricist - Alex Tumay, Mixer - Kenneth Charles Blume III, Composer - Kenny Beats, Producer, Engineer, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Barrington Hendricks, Lyricist, AssociatedPerformer - John Gee, ComposerLyricist - Linda Kemp, ComposerLyricist - Kirchstein Publishing Co (BMI), MusicPublisher - Concord copyrights (BMI) c/o Concord Music Publishing and Kobalt Music, MusicPublisher - Omar Impala Publishing, MusicPublisher

2022 Kenny Beats under exclusive licence to XL Recordings Ltd 2022 Kenny Beats under exclusive licence to XL Recordings Ltd

Sohn Trust 00:04:15

Dave Kutch, Engineer - Sohn, Producer, MainArtist - Christopher Taylor, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Chris Tabron, Mixer - Warner Chappell Music Ltd., MusicPublisher - Mike Sonier, Producer, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Jakob Rabitsch, AssociatedPerformer - Yakob, Producer - SONY TUNES LLC, MusicPublisher - Kari Estes, Engineer - 27MusicPub (ASCAP), MusicPublisher

2022 4AD Ltd 2022 4AD Ltd

Plastic Mile [Original Version]
Stereolab Pulse Of The Early Brain [Switched On Volume 5] 00:06:34

Timothy Gane, Composer - Stereolab, MainArtist - Laetitia Sadier, Composer - Bo at Calyx, Masterer

2022 Duophonic UHF Disks under exclusive licence to Warp Records 2022 Duophonic Super 45s

Drummers Song (Live)
Wayne Shorter Live At The Detroit Jazz Festival 00:04:41

Wayne Shorter, MainArtist - Esperanza Spalding, MainArtist - Terri Lyne Carrington, Producer, MainArtist - Leo Genovese, FeaturedArtist - Geri Allen SESAC, Composer - Antoinette Music SESAC, MusicPublisher - Pacific Wind Music SESAC, MusicPublisher

2022 Wayne Shorter, Terri Lyne Carrington, Leo Genovese, esperanza spalding. Under Exclusive License to Candid Records, LLC 2022 Candid Records, LLC

I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
Fatma Said Kaleidoscope 00:04:08

George Merill, Composer - Tim Allhoff, Piano, MainArtist - Fatma Said, Soprano Vocals, MainArtist - vision string quartet, String Quartet, MainArtist

A Warner Classics release, © 2022 Parlophone Records Limited. A Warner Classics release, ℗ 2022 Parlophone Records Limited.

My Love (Poem Version)
Florence + The Machine Dance Fever 00:02:52

Florence + The Machine, MainArtist - Florence Welch, Producer, Spoken Word, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Billy Halliday, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Dave Bayley, ComposerLyricist

℗ 2022 Universal Music Operations Limited

Shadow of the Hierophant (Live in Manchester, 2021)
Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited Live: Seconds Out & More 00:11:01

Mike Rutherford, Composer, Lyricist - Steve Hackett, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Roger King, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer - Benedict Fenner, Recording Engineer

(P) 2022 InsideOutMusic

Police Truck Explicit
Megadeth The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! 00:02:29

Dave Mustaine, Producer, Guitar, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Ted Jensen, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Josh Wilbur, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Jello Biafra, ComposerLyricist - Kiko Loureiro, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Megadeth, MainArtist - Chris Rakestraw, Producer - Dirk Verbeuren, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - East Bay Ray, ComposerLyricist - Klaus Flouride, ComposerLyricist - D. H. Peligro, ComposerLyricist

℗ 2022 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Memories Explicit

Willow, Vocalist, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Chris Greatti, Producer, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Drum Programming, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Mitch McCarthy, Mixer, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Randy Merrill, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Zakk Cervini, ComposerLyricist - Dominic Harrison, ComposerLyricist - Dylan Brady, Producer, Additional Producer, Drum Programming, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - YUNGBLUD, Producer, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Vocalist, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Nick Groff, A&R - Omer Fedi, ComposerLyricist - Jordan Brasko Gable, ComposerLyricist - Danny Herrle, A&R Coordinator

℗ 2022 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

Muse Will Of The People 00:03:23

Matthew Bellamy, Composer, Guitar, Vocals - Chris Gehringer, Masterer - Serban Ghenea, Mixer - Muse, Producer, Engineer, MainArtist - Chris Wolstenholme, Bass - Dominic Howard, Drums - Paul Warren, Technical Assistant - Aleks von Korff, Engineer, Additional Production - Andy Maxwell, Studio Assistant - Joe Devenney, Studio Assistant - Chris Whitemyer, Technical Assistant - Bryce Bordone, Mixing Engineers - Tommy Bosustow, Studio Assistant

Under exclusive licence to Warner Music UK Limited, © 2022 Muse Under Exclusive Licence to Warner Music UK Limited, ℗ 2022 Muse

Love All The Population
Gently Tender Take Hold Of Your Promise! 00:03:39

ADAM BROWN, Composer, Lyricist - Samuel Fryer, Composer, Lyricist - William Doyle, Composer, Lyricist - Matthew E White, Producer - Celia Archer, Composer, Lyricist - Gently Tender, MainArtist - Will Doyle, Producer - Sam Fryer, Producer - Pete Mayhew, Composer, Lyricist, Producer

2022 Gently Tender on exclusive license to So Young Records 2022 Gently Tender on exclusive license to So Young Records

Rescue Me
Marcus King Young Blood 00:04:46

Greg Calbi, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Nick Movshon, Bass, AssociatedPerformer - Steve Fallone, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Dan Auerbach, Producer, Mixer, StudioPersonnel, ComposerLyricist - Caleb VanBuskirk, Additional Engineer, StudioPersonnel - M. Allen Parker, Mixer, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Marcus King, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Andy Gabbard, Electric Guitar, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - McKinley James, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Chris St. Hillaire, Drums, Percussion, AssociatedPerformer - Tyler Zwiep, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Jonny Ulman, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2022 Marcus King

Love, Try Not To Let Go
Julia Jacklin Pre Pleasure 00:03:43

Julia Jacklin, Composer, Producer, MainArtist - Marcus Paquin, Producer, MixingEngineer

2022 Julia Jacklin under exclusive license to Transgressive Records Ltd. 2022 Julia Jacklin under exclusive license to Transgressive Records Ltd.

Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You
Valerie June Under Cover 00:03:04

Bob Dylan, ComposerLyricist - Kennie Takahashi, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Valerie June, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Pete Remm, Keyboards, AssociatedPerformer - Greg Wieczorek, Drums, Conga, AssociatedPerformer - Ben Rice, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Dan Iead, Guitar, Pedal Steel, AssociatedPerformer - Jason DiMatteo, Bass Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - A June Tunes Production, Producer, Recording Producer

℗ 2021 June Tunes Music, Inc.

Bad Guy
Trio SR9 Déjà Vu 00:03:17

Clément Ducol, Arranger - Blick Bassy, MainArtist - Trio SR9, MainArtist - Billie O'Connell, Composer - Finneas Baird Oconnell, Composer

2022 NØ FØRMAT! 2022 SR9

Word of mouth - Paolo Fresu
Simone Prattico That's it (Oriundo) 00:03:27

Paolo Fresu, MainArtist - Simone Prattico, MainArtist

2022 Zamora Publishing / Modulor 2022 Zamora Label

If You Believe
Yellowjackets Parallel Motion 00:04:48

Rich Breen, MasteringEngineer, MixingEngineer, RecordingEngineer - Russell Ferrante, Composer, Lyricist - Steve Genewick, AssistantEngineer - Yellowjackets, Producer, MainArtist - Marcus Baylor, VocalEngineer - Myles Weinstein, ProductionManager - The Baylors, VocalArranger - TeethMusic (BMI), MusicPublisher

(C) 2022 Mack Avenue Records II, LLC (P) 2022 Mack Avenue Records II, LLC

Wayne Shorter, Composer - Klaus Scheuermann, Mixer, Mastering Engineer, Sound Engineer - Gregory Hutchinson, Drums - Danny Grissett, Piano - Siggi Loch, Producer - Theo Croker, Trumpet, MainArtist, with - Miyako Music, MusicPublisher - Joshua Ginsburg, Bass - Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic, Artist, MainArtist

2022 ACT Music+Vision GmbH+Co.KG 2022 ACT Music+Vision GmbH+Co.KG

Is it Me or is it You?
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Let's Turn It Into Sound 00:06:27

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Composer, Producer, MainArtist

2022 Ghostly International 2022 Ghostly International

About Playlist

All of these new releases have at least one thing in common - Hi-Res! Last updated on 23.9.2022. Featuring Tamino, Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin, Al-Qasar, Caroline Shaw, Makaya McCraven, Laurent Coulondre, Chick Corea, Editors, Tim Burgess, Blank & Jones, Pink Floyd, Marcus Mumford, Suede, Jesca Hoop, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Julian Lage, The Bkack Angels, Ondara, Ozzy Osbourne, Jockstrap, Joshua Redman, Enrico Rava, Chip Wickham, Oliver Sim, Jonathan Jeremiah, Greentea Peng, Sampa The Great, Santigold, Two Door Cinema Club, Kenny Beats, Sohn, Stereolab, Wayne Shorter...

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