Silent Angel M1T Music Streamer

Silent Angel is a young company that combines practicality with listening pleasure. Its audio devices boast full connectivity, so they can seamlessly fit in with any existing system. These devices are extremely compact, yet the entire range is still characterised by a sophisticated design. They’re perfect for anyone wanting to create a visually coherent set-up.

The Munich M1T is a Hi-Res streamer with integrated Qobuz and has four types of digital output. Silent Angel has also equipped it with expansion ports so the device can be connected to a DAC, clock, or other digital equipment. This is a well-built and reasonably priced device within this category.

Price: 699 €

Rose Integrated Amplifier/Streamer

To follow its first high-end HiFi amplifier, the RA180, HiFi Rose unveiled a new integrated and connected amplifier based on the same core components. The RS520 still features a large touchscreen display, providing easy access to the multitude of available services and features. The interface is a joy to use, allowing you to see the track that’s currently playing at a quick glance. It’s perfect for everyday use.

This integrated stereo system can also be controlled via the mobile app, which features integrated Qobuz. The impressive rear panel connectivity makes the RS520 a real source aggregator, boasting analogue, SPDIF, USB and HDMI eARC ports (the latter enables HiFi speakers to connect to a TV). What’s more, the 2x250 Watts of class AD power should be able to handle most speakers.

Price: 3,799 €

Rotel RA-6000 Integrated Amplifier

Rotel has created a series that bridges the gap between the classic products and the exclusive Michi range. The Rotel Diamond Series offers a powerful, well-equipped alternative. It’s got a classic exterior design with an army of buttons (which allow you to select the source), topped off with a display that keeps you up-to-date with what the device is doing at all times. An added bonus is that it’s controlled by a striking back-lit remote control.

The RA-6000 is definitely a HiFi device and doesn’t feature a HDMI port. However, apart from this, it has absolutely everything you could need. There are an array of digital and analogue inputs that connect to all traditional sources. Most notably, Rotel offers fantastic sound quality without a premium price tag. You can even connect this device to more high-end speakers without any problems.

Price: ‎4,499 €

NAD T778 Integrated Home Cinema/Streamer

Home cinema amplifiers are devices that are rarely renewed and updated by manufacturers nowadays, unlike they were a few years ago. Now that technologies are less changing, brands are able to offer complete devices with a longer service life. This is certainly the case for the NAD T778, which covers more bases than its competitors thanks to its modular design, audio inputs/outputs, HDMI card and network connectivity. It can adapt to almost any need.

The large touch screen on the front panel is another perk of this home cinema amplifier. It displays all the information relating to the multi-channel stream being played and provides access to networked music. Thanks to the integrated BluOS protocol, the T778 has access to Qobuz and boasts High Res multi-room streaming. It also comes with DIRAC Room Correction Limited Bandwidth installed.

Price: ‎ 3,490 €

McIntosh RS150 Wireless Speaker

Any McIntosh device worth its salt needs that iconic, blue-lit power metre. The RS150 connected speaker does indeed feature this brand hallspan, just in a digital version without a moving needle. In any case, it’s still undeniably a member of the McIntosh catalogue. It replaces the previous RS100, omitting several functions to simplify its use. For example, there’s no longer a DTS Play-Fi protocol or a dedicated mobile app. Instead, it works with AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Roon Ready.

This device is capable of operating within all kinds of contexts, regardless of the control interface you choose to use: iPhone, Android, tablet, computer, etc. Its connectivity is therefore reduced to the bare minimum: Bluetooth, network port and WiFi. The RS150 is a striking speaker that demands to be heard! The sound quality is stunning. The RS150 is capable of filling even larger spaces with a deep, bassy sound; something that not all wireless speakers can do

Price: ‎ 1,490 €

Devialet Dione Soundbar

On top of their Phantom speakers (which anyone even slightly interested in audio technology will have heard of), Devialet has also released a soundbar. The Dione is a striking device containing 17 speakers. They have multiple orientations in order to reproduce immersive surround sound technology such as Dolby Atmos. Plus, the centre channel is shaped like a miniature Phantom speaker!

Devialet has integrated multiple technologies into the Dione to provide a total home cinema experience—and it’s a real success. The eight woofers reproduce bass frequencies like no other soundbar can. Sound effects are precise and realistic, scattered across a large soundstage. Essentially, the sound quality matches that of a pair of speakers, which is rather rare for a soundbar.

Price: 2,300 €

Monitor Audio Silver 100 LE Bookshelf Speakers

English company Monitor Audio celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. To span the occasion, the company released a limited edition version of one of its flagship speaker models. The silver 100 LE has been given a green finish adorned with numerous gold elements. This colour combination is simply stunning and will make for a HiFi system you’ll be proud to display.

The Silver 100 LE are a pair of bookshelf speakers that descend from the award-winning Silver 100 7G. Their main feature is that they use a 20 cm bass driver, whereas the competition’s bass driver is 16.5 cm. This means they can reproduce an extremely full and articulate bass. Never pretentious, these speakers give what is needed when it’s needed. You have to give these a listen!

Price: 1,125 €

Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones

Choosing a pair of headphones isn’t easy, especially now when manufacturers are constantly renewing their models. No two sound the same, so the more demanding listener will definitely need a trial run. The latest Momentum 4 Wireless from Sennheiser are versatile Bluetooth headphones. You can take them with you everywhere and even use them to make calls.

The Momentum 4 Wireless is a great example of sound quality within the mid/high-end wireless headphone category. The chosen drivers, design and faithful sound reproduction make it a product that’s simply a cut above the rest. The natural isolation, combined with the reduction of ambient noise, makes for an uninterrupted listening experience. The default settings are perhaps a little too bassy for potential buyers; however, don’t let this put you off—it’s easily remedied in the dedicated app.

Price: 350 €

Chord Mojo2 DAC/Headphone Amplifier

The Mojo 2 represents the latest iteration of Chord’s mini headphone amps, and it’s seriously solid stuff. The interface is as complex as ever with its coloured buttons, but it’s still a winning device. Its connectivity means it can be used on the go with a smartphone or DAP, as well as at home hooked up to a computer or HiFi system..

Chord doesn’t bother with multiple headphone outputs, containing just a couple of 3.5 mm unbalanced outputs. Yet, it delivers premium results. You’ll soon realise it’s the only DAC you need. The reproduction quality goes far beyond a simple DAC USB for headphones. It’s like stepping into a glorious new world that will bring your hunt for the perfect device to an end. The Chord Mojo 2 is simply a respanable DAC/amplifier.

Price: 629 €