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Bachar Mar-Khalifé

Bachar Mar-Khalifé (b. Beirut, 1983) is a Lebanese composer and multi-instrumentalist living in exile in Paris. Son of the distinguished oud player Marcel Khalifé, he received prestigious training at the Paris Conservatoire, from which he was awarded the Premier Prix de Formation Supérieure in 2003. Khalifé was destined for a career as a conductor, and rubbed shoulders with the greatest names. But he was soon drawn to contemporary creation, and it was as a soloist that he took flight, fusing genres. In 2010, his debut album Oil Slick was released on the InFiné label. Three years later, on the strength of this success, the musician responded with the release of a second, transversal opus entitled Who's Gonna Get the Ball from Behind. The third, Ya Balad, released in 2015, is more intimate, reflecting his past and his Lebanese roots.

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