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Neil Young & Crazy Horse, hippies forever

By Marc Zisman |

With "World Record", the 'Loner'and his faithful friends Nils Lofgren, Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina release a new album that is full to the brim of that Crazy Horse spirit.

We keep on raving about it but nothing, really nothing, stops Neil Young. Between re-releases, exhumations of archives and new albums, the Loner makes the headlines of rock magazines almost every month! This time, it's called World Record, his 42nd studio album, the 15th with his band Crazy Horse. Produced by the bearded guru Rick Rubin who recorded and mixed it on analogue tapes in his Shangri-La studio in Malibu, California, this record juggles the old Canadian buffalo's pet interests, from the ecological cause and the health of the planet (the aptly named Love Earth) to his devouring passion for old cars (Chevrolet). As for the 2021 album Barn, everything was recorded live and sounds a lot like, once again, a jam session between old friends who have nothing to prove and are just left to have fun together...

On Overhead, we find the good-naturedness of the blues carried by a jovial piano, while on I Walk With You (Earth Ringtone) the nonchalant and unbridled guitar takes control of the operations. Then the four rock'n'roll dads finally let the horses loose on Break the Chain, a good big boogie that is openly chaotic in true Crazy Horse spirit.

At the microphone, Neil Young's quavering voice, recognizable among thousands, holds the bar rather well, despite his 77 years of age. World Record is the umpteenth touching, humanist and militant cry of a cool baba from the first hour who wants to remain positive and above all, optimistic. As for the album cover, you'd swear it was a vintage photo of Loner but it's actually his father, the journalist Scott Young.


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