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Natalie Bergman, Divine Intervention

Qobuz Video of the Day On May 11, 2021
Natalie Bergman has written, performed, recorded and produced this first solo album almost all by herself. It is her way of setting out a vision that belongs to her alone.

Mercy is in a world of its own. Its twelve unique, spiritual songs, haunted by death and resurrection, are carried as much by her versatile voice as they...

Gojira: Fortitude May 6, 2021

20 years after the completely unexpected surprise of Terra Incognita, Gojira’s Fortitude is in full flex, perfectly synthesising the past and...

Planet Sarabski April 30, 2021

Our new Qobuzissime from Azeri jazz pianist Isfar Sarabski is here and ready to stream or download on Qobuz in 24-Bit Hi-Res sound!

Plastic Ono Band: Lennon Laid Bare April 29, 2021

In late 1970, when Plastic Ono Band released its first album, The Beatles were still not officially finished. And yet here is an impressive debut...

Matthias Goerne & Seong-Jin Cho: Im Abendrot April 23, 2021

Shrouded in an awkward acoustic which is hardly customary for Berlin's Teldex Studio, the latest recording by Matthias Goerne and Korean pianist...

Jimi Tenor: Deep Sound Learning April 22, 2021

Download or stream Deep Sound Learning (1993-2000) by Jimi Tenor in 16-Bit CD quality on Qobuz!

London Grammar: Californian Soil April 19, 2021

London Grammar return with their third studio album, Californian Soil, a shining new project from the Nottingham natives. Stream or download now...

Alela Diane, Head Full of Memories April 17, 2021

Is it a kind of provocation to release a live album while music lovers have been deprived of concerts since March 2020? No: it's more of a gift.

Irish Enchantment, Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi April 16, 2021

Following 2019's There Is No Other, Rhiannon Giddens and Francesco Turrisi return with their second album together, They're Calling Me Home....

Scandi Jazz: A Very Nordic Affair April 15, 2021

An ambassador for a European jazz scene that is perpetually full of life, ACT has always closely followed the Nordic jazz scene. Founded by Siggi...

Vijay Iyer: Uneasy April 14, 2021

Although it stems from a work that Iyer originally crafted back in 2011, one could hardly imagine a better title for a 2021 album release than Uneasy.

Bach: Sonatas & Partitas - Augustin Hadelich April 13, 2021

Bach: Sonatas & Partitas by Augustin Hadelich is on Qobuz in 24-Bit Hi-Res!

Fleetwood Mac: Live at Everywhere April 10, 2021

Fleetwood Mac's 1980 double-album Live was released as a way for the physically, emotionally, and creatively exhausted group to continue the...

Suave and Spellbinding, Groovy and Mysterious, Jay-Jay Johanson: Rorschach Test March 30, 2021

Jay-Jay Johanson's new album, Rorschach Test, is on Qobuz in 24-Bit Hi-Res. Stream or download now!

Dreaming of Independence with Frida Hyvönen March 15, 2021

Frida Hyvönen is dreaming of independence on her eighth album, aptly titled Dream of Independence.

Noora Louhimo: What an Experience! March 10, 2021

Noora Louhimo's voice is best known as that of the Helsinki-based heavy metal band Battle Beast. After the release of the album More Hollywood...

Kings of Leon: When You See Yourself March 10, 2021

Leave insular bedroom pop to the kids. Kings of Leon (millennials approaching middle age) are back with their first album in five years, and it's...

Sunday Mornings in Summer... February 26, 2021

This is the deep south. Not that of the United States, but even further south...

Daft Punk, No Future February 25, 2021

Their last studio album was released in 2013 and many were waiting for their comeback. But Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo...

Incredible Vocal Work: Dominique Fils-Aimé! February 24, 2021

After launching her career by appearing in the Quebecois version of the show The Voice, Dominique Fils-Aimé, who is originally Haitian, went on to...