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Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice

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The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, in full the Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra of Pardubice (the group has recorded under both names), has released a large catalog of recordings that has taken its reputation far beyond the small industrial city of Pardubice. Within the Czech Republic, the group maintains a busy schedule of concerts and operatic appearances. The Czech Chamber Philharmonic was established in 1969 as the East-Bohemian State Chamber Orchestra. The group's first conductor, Libor Pešek, set high standards for the group, and tours outside of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic after the fall of Communism, notably to Japan and the U.S., bolstered its standing. Yet the Czech Chamber Philharmonic reached its full potential only when its recordings achieved wide distribution on compact discs and later in digital form. The group has recorded on the Naxos, Marco Polo, and Alto labels, among many others. For the last of these, it issued the notable seven-volume series Baroque Bohemia & Beyond, featuring Czech composers largely unknown outside the region. The Czech Chamber Philharmonic has also recorded other little-known music of the Classical era, including symphonies by Michael Haydn, and it is one of the few groups to have recorded Beethoven's very fragmentary Symphony No. 10 in E flat major in its 1988 completion by Barry Cooper. From 2014 until 2018, the Czech Chamber Philharmonic's chief conductor was Peter Feranec. Stanislav Vavřínek succeeded Feranec in September of 2018. The orchestra has been involved in several major projects with conductor Marek Štilec for the Naxos label, recording the symphonies of Leopold Koželuch and a survey of the orchestral works of Paul Wranitzky. The fourth volume of the Wranitzky set was issued in 2022.
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