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Sarah Davachi

Canadian composer Sarah Davachi creates deeply immersive, layered drones using analog and modular synthesizers as well as acoustic instruments such as strings, woodwinds, and pianos. Reminiscent of minimalist composers like Eliane Radigue and LaMonte Young, her works explore psychoacoustics through subtle variations on sparse harmonic structures. Davachi has worked at the National Music Centre in Calgary since 2007, where she has educated, developed content, and archived data pertaining to musical instruments and recording equipment. She earned a Bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Calgary in 2010, and a master's degree in electronic music and recording media from Mills College in Oakland, California in 2012. Her debut recording, The Untuning of the Sky, was issued on cassette by Full Spectrum Records in 2013, shortly after she completed artist residencies in the Netherlands and Sweden. August Harp followed on Important Records' cassette imprint Cassauna in 2014. Students of Decay released Davachi's first vinyl LP, Barons Court, in 2015, and the cassette Qualities of Bodies Permanent soon followed on Constellation Tatsu. Two LPs appeared in 2016: Dominions (JAZ Records) and Vergers (Important Records). All My Circles Run, consisting of five compositions focusing on a single acoustic instrument each, was released by Students of Decay in 2017. Let Night Come on Bells End the Day, recorded using a Mellotron and an electronic organ, was released by Recital in 2018. Gave in Rest, a more fully orchestrated work inspired by cathedrals and early music, appeared on Ba Da Bing later in the year.
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