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Lumisokea are a Berlin-based electronic duo (Koenraad Ecker and Andrea Taeggi) who construct dark, challenging atmospheres utilizing prepared pianos and other acoustic instruments, as well as abrasive, mangled beats that often defy conventional rhythms. Their dub-inspired, bass-heavy pieces sometimes resemble Autechre's more detached moments, but with more acoustic elements. They also incorporate plenty of field recordings, tape experiments, and vintage synthesizers into their work. The duo first surfaced in 2011, releasing Automatons on Dutch label Eat Concrete, followed by Selva on the same label in 2012. In early 2014, Lumisokea released their most rhythmic release to date, Apophenia, on British experimental techno label Opal Tapes. The label also simultaneously released a companion cassette titled Contrapasso, which was more ambient and experimental. The duo returned to Eat Concrete the following summer for a digital EP titled Eavesdropping on Pianists, which sampled percussion sounds from Russian actor Vladimir Popov's Noise Machines, designed in the 1920s. In 2015, the duo released a new album titled Mnemosyne on Luke Younger's Alter label. The album featured less of an emphasis on heavy bass textures than previous work, focusing more on acoustic instruments such as gamelan bells and cello, as well as improvisations recorded on analog synths. Lumisokea returned to Opal Tapes in early 2016 with a new album titled Transmissions from Revarsavr.
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