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Katie Gately

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An innovative, expressive experimental musician and producer, Katie Gately unites technique with emotion in thrilling ways. In her own work and her collaborations with Björk, Zola Jesus, and serpentwithfeet, Gately uses a plethora of computer programs to mutate her voice and found sounds into dense sound constructions ranging from abrasive industrial collages to playful, abstract pop. Early works such as 2013's sprawling vocal collage Pipes already displayed Gately's knack for juxtaposing mischievous details with washes of sound, while 2016's Color brought the whimsy and melody of her style to the fore. The vividly personal turn of Gately's early 2020s work showed just how powerfully she could tell stories and evoke moods: She captured the cataclysmic feelings of loss her mother's death engendered with 2020's heaving, fractured 2020's Loom, and transformed the intense highs and lows of pregnancy and early parenthood into the wild contrasts of 2023's Fawn/Brute. Born and raised in different boroughs of New York City, Gately grew up listening to the opera her dad loved as well as her mother's favorite artists, which included Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and David Bowie. After earning a degree from Carleton College in Minnesota, studying sound design in New York City, and completing a film production MFA from the University of Southern California, she began making music. An avid field recorder, she contributed to the self-titled 2009 CD by collage ensemble Seattle Phonographers Union. Gately began uploading her compositions to SoundCloud and issued two acclaimed releases in 2013. Katie Gately, an EP that arrived on Public Information, featured a track made from samples of an ice cube rattling in a glass, while Pipes, a limited-edition cassette on Blue Tapes, consisted of dense layers of her voice and took more than six months to make. After releasing a limited lathe cut 7" single with Prayer (Joe Houpert) on FET Press, Gately contributed to FatCat Records' split series, sharing an EP with Tlaotlon. In 2015, Gately appeared on Nosaj Thing's Fated album and remixed Björk's song "Family." She then signed to Tri Angle for the release of her full-length debut, Color, which arrived October 2016 and added more structure and melody to her music. Gately then kept busy with sound design work for several short films, remixes for Björk and Zola Jesus, production on serpentwithfeet's 2018 album Soil, and her own planned second album. However, when her mother was diagnosed with a rare and deadly form of cancer, Gately returned to Brooklyn. As she cared for her mother, she worked on tracks inspired by her grieving process that incorporated fitting sonic sources like earthquakes, closing coffins, and meat being smacked. Following her mother's death in 2018, those tracks became Gately's wrenching second album, Loom, which Houndstooth released in February 2020. Not long after Loom's release, Gately and her husband decided to start their own family, and their daughter Quinn was born in early 2021. The complex, shifting mental and physical states Gately experienced during her pregnancy inspired her to make music. The track "Howl" first appeared on Adult Swim's Digitalis compilation in October 2021 and was also included on Gately's third full-length. Dedicated to her daughter, March 2023's Fawn/Brute expressed the joy and delirium of early parenthood, the effects pregnancy complications had on Gately's mood, and her own teenage rebellion as it drew on influences and sounds ranging from Animal Collective and children's music to Public Image Ltd., This Heat, and rattled shoeboxes.
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