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Kaleb di Masi

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A deep-voiced figure at the core of the RKT genre, Argentinian rapper Kaleb Di Masi emerged into his country's prominent rap scene during the early 2020s, delivering a unrelenting stream of dancefloor anthems. He soon found 100-million-stream success with breakout hit "Turraka," following this later that year with hits "DJ Tao Turreo Sessions #5" and "Matatan." Originally born in La Crujía, a neighbourhood close to the city of Caseros, Argentinian MC Kaleb Di Masi began his musical career after moving west to Pablo Podestá at the age of 10. There, he found his footing in Argentina's seminal freestyle competitions, competing with some of the country's strongest upcoming lyricists at events such as El Quinto Escalón. After debuting in 2019 with the reggaeton-led "Piensa en Mí," Di Masi began making immediate inroads into a burgeoning sound known as RKT, a fusion of elements from cumbia, freestyle and reggaeton that was beginning to be popularised by local rapper L-Gante. Early singles like "Mueve T" and "Pompa Pa Tra" began coalescing his take on the sound, with the rapper using his deep vocals and sexually-charged lyricism to build a strong following domestically. After some ventures into melodic trap ("Lo Contratio," "No Puedo Olvidar") at the year's end, he found his first major hit in the "Pompa Pa Tra (Remix)," which enlisted scene pioneers L-Gante and DT.Bilardo for the rapper's first multi-million-stream success. From here began a continual string of RKT floor-fillers: in 2021 the rapper released 23 singles, coining his signature "ton/ton/ton" flow pattern and "Kaleb Di Masi Baby" tag. Huge singles began to emerge as early as "Turraka," which racked up over 20 million streams in just a few months with its first remix -- a second, with a roster of Ecko, Papichamp, and Blunted Vato, soon rocketed to over 100 million. Alongside "Turraka," Di Masi made a show-stopper appearance on DJ Tao's "DJ Tao Turreo Sessions #5," and found two further 50-million-stream hits with "Matatan" (feat Alan Gomez) and "Hace Calor" (with Omar Varela). In 2022, he released another 29 singles: among them were remixes to "Matatan" and "Hace Calor," numerous collaborations with Omar Varela, and a relentless barrage of ceiling-shaking anthems.
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