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Juhn is the stage name of Jorge Hernandez Quiles, a Latin trap and reggaeton singer from Puerto Rico. Since releasing "No Te Miento" in 2016, he's been a prolific recording artist and collaborator. His vocal delivery offers a thin, reedy tenor juxtaposed in an urgent, somewhat balladic style, at once vulnerable and declamatory. He has issued dozens of solo and collaborative singles including "La Confusion" and "Pocas Horas" in 2018, "Curiosidad" and "Recuerdo (Remix)" feat. Brytiago, Myke Towers, Farruko, and Lenny Tavarez in 2019, and "Rueda" in 2020. Juhn kicked off 2021 with "Indecente" in March and teamed with Myke Towers for "Bandido." Over the next two years a steady stream of singles arrived including the chart hits "Antojo" (feat. De La Ghetto) and "Soldados" (feat. Miky Woodz and Luar La L). In April 2024, the eight-track singles comp Recap [LV Edition], arrived on the digital charts. obsessed with music from the time he could speak, Juhn was writing songs at age nine and made his recorded debut at 12 (tracks he refuses to acknowledge now). While consistently working whenever and wherever he could as a guest and backing vocalist, his primary contributions were as a songwriter for other artists. He didn't establish himself as a recording artist until 2016 when he was 23. He issued the single and video for "Ahora Me Llamas," a collaborative single that featured Noriel, Myers, Anonimus, Brytiago, and Miky Woodz. It hit the Top Ten on digital streaming charts and established his reputation and style. The video racked up over 20 million views on YouTube. Later that year, he penned the hit single "Cuatro Babys" for Noriel and guested on the recording and in the video with Maluma and Myers. The latter garnered over 800 million views, helping to establish Latin trap as a commercial genre. The resultant compilation album, Trap Capos, Season 1 topped the Latin Rhythms charts. In January of the following year he released the single "No Te Miento," with participation from Darkiel, Jory Boy, Darell, and Baby Rasta, followed in quick succession by the digital streaming and club hit "Su Piquete Mata" featuring Alexio La Bestia and Ñengo Flow. In April, Juhn dropped "Puerta Abierta" featuring Bad Bunny and Noriel for the Golden Army, Inc. Its video garnered over 33 million views. It was a prolific year for the singer; in all he issued no less than six singles and videos under his own name and guested on a series of recordings that included Jon Z's Jontrapvolta album, the collaborative single "Sola por Siempre" with Dozy and Benny Benni, and Paty Cantu's "#Natural." In 2018 he issued and or appeared on no less than a dozen singles including "La Confusion," "Confia," "Modo Di Avion," and "Rapido Quiere" -- featuring Darkiel. 2019 followed the same way, with Juhn issuing roughly a digital single a month including the charting "Recuerdos (Remix)" with Myke Towers, Farruko, Brytiago, and Lenny Tavarez, as well as "Nadie Lo Sabe (feat. J Alvarez), and "Bandida." 2020, the year the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world, may have slowed Juhn's output a bit, but it didn't silence him. He managed to release more than a handful of streaming hits including pop singles such as "Rueda," reggaeton groovers such as "Adictiva" and the "Nadie Lo Sabe (Remix)" adding the voices of Nio Garcia and Casper Magico to his and J Alvarez's. Juhn closed the year by joining Myke Towers on "Bandido." In February of 2021, he joined Sou el Flotador and Rafa Pabon on the streaming hit "Sin Vuelta" and released the solo "Indecente" in March. Over the next two years, Juhn released more than a dozen singles solo and as a first-call collaborator. Among them were 2022's charting "Anioso" with Jon Z; a collaboration with Eix and Dalex on the "Tour" remix, and with Harry Nach and Savage Kreamly on "Tu Manual." 2023's hits included "Soldados" (feat. Miky Woodz and Luar La L), "Bichote," and a collab with Brytiago's star-studded crew on "Glopeta." In April 2024, Juhn released Recap [LV Edition], an eight-track mini-album compiling his best singles from 2022 and 2023.
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