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Cologne-bred, Berlin-based Patric C. (aka EC8OR) is one of the most prolific of the younger generation of "digital hardcore" artists combining hardcore breakbeat and gabber techno with elements of punk rock, speed metal, and experimental noise. Recording and performing under a half dozen pseudonyms (including Eradicator, E-De Cologne, Irish Coffee, and Test-Tube Boy), Patric C.'s EC8OR work is usually in collaboration with teen punk vocalist Gina D'Orio (formerly of the Lemonbabies and Throw That Beat), and through their association with Alec Empire's Digital Hardcore Recordings label, they've managed to become one the most popular and well-known artists on the German hardcore scene. Using only an Amiga 500 (a cheap, somewhat obsolete desktop computer with built-in sequencing and sampling capabilities), Patric began recording in 1991 after quitting school to immerse himself in the emerging rave scene. Releasing tracks literally out of his travel bag, Patric's first twelves of relatively straightforward techno appeared through Cologne's noted Structure label group (which included imprint's such as DJ Ungle Fever, Mono Tone, and Profan along with artists such as Mike Ink, Air Liquide, and Biochip C.). Patric's love of hip-hop, punk, and death metal didn't show through in the music until he began making breakbeat gabber, however -- a style which linked him with hardcore acid and techno labels such as Shockwave, Fischkopf (through which he released his debut LP, Agit-Prop), and, eventually, DHR. The group's association with the latter label has probably been the most crucial; in addition to a number of singles and the self-titled EC8OR full-length (released in late 1995), DHR's distribution deal with American label Grand Royal translated into a far larger audience for their music, with World Beaters following in 1998. Two years later EC8OR released the full-length The One and Only High and Low.
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