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DAT Politics

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DAT Politics is a Lille, France-based laptop group that developed from the split of Tone Rec. Producing glitch-inflected IDM that's occasionally melodic and often aggressively noisy, a range that's often kept in check by a sinister sense of humor, the group's releases have come out on a number of labels, including Mille Plateaux, Tigerbeat6, A-Musik, FatCat, and their own Skipp imprint. As far as significant full-length releases are considered, Plugs Plus was released on Chicks on Speed in 2002, while Tracto Flirt -- their 1999 debut -- was reissued the following year on Tigerbeat6. The mellower Go Pets Go was released in 2004. Two years later, DAT Politics returned with Wow Twist, some of their most accessible work yet. The more dance-oriented Mad Kit arrived in 2008. For 2012's Blitz Gazer, the group -- which was now the core duo of Claude Pailliot and Gaëtan Collet -- drew from shoegaze and other more atmospheric styles to create a sophisticated set of songs. The following year, Collet and Pailliot returned to Tigerbeat6 for the Powermoon EP, which nodded to their playful electro-pop and also included a remix by Soft Pink Truth. The duo recorded 2015's No Void in a cabin in northern France, incorporating toy instruments along with synthesizers and drum machines for a dark but whimsical feel.
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