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Damien Dubrovnik

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Damien Dubrovnik is the experimental noise outfit formed by Copenhagen-based duo Loke Rahbek and Christian Stadsgaard. As prominent members of the tight-knit underground scene in their native Denmark, the duo kickstarted the Posh Isolation label with the first Damien Dubrovnik release Songs for Loviatar in 2009. Their uncompromising and blackened noise drew inspiration from the long lineage of industrial music -- from the roots of the Dada movement to the work of industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle and Scandinavia's black metal scene. A follow-up release, Curse of Eve -- a split cassette with Stadsgaard's own Sarah's Charity -- appeared the same year. With Rahbek and Stadsgaard splitting their time between other projects -- including Lust for Youth, Vanity Productions, and Limepit -- and the running of the label, the duo delivered their next release in May 2011 with Europa Dagbog - Europa Diary, once again on their own label. A cassette release, The Vanity Set, appeared on Swedish label Järtecknet a few months later. Although the duo would continue to perform live -- with their shows being a truly intense experience -- their next release appeared two years later in 2013. First Burning Attraction was released on Luke Younger's Alter label, after Younger had been in contact with the pair about a possible release. The duo continued their connection with Alter and released the single Patterns of Penetration a year later. Refining their sound but losing none of the intensity, the duo continued to perform live, using the experiences to inform their fourth full-length, Vegas Fountain. Released in March 2015, the album used the basis of seduction as its guiding force. Damien Dubrovnik rounded out the year with the more techno-inflected EP The Light of God Shines Eternal, on Silent Servant's Jealous God. With the pair once again focusing on other projects -- such as the Empire Line, Body Sculptures, and Croatian Amor -- the duo regrouped to record their fifth album, Great Many Arrows. Bringing various wind and string instruments into the mix, the album was the 200th release on Posh Isolation and appeared in June 2017.
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