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Cut La Roc

b. Lee Potter, Brighton, Sussex, England. Like numerous DJ-producers of his generation, Potter grew up with a passion for hip-hop and would skip school to practice his mixing and scratching skills. In 1987, around the time when Potter felt hip-hop had become stale and over-commercialised, he was seduced by the acid house phenomenon. Potter’s DJing sets reflect his diverse interests in rap, jungle, and techno. His DJing engagements have taken him all over the world and he plays regularly at Brighton’s Big Beat Boutique, alongside his Skint Records comrades Fatboy Slim and the Midfield General. He has also remixed tracks for numerous dance music artists. His series of EPs on Skint, Mad Skills, attracted significant praise from the music press. During 1999, the releases of two Cut La Roc singles were hampered by the denial of copyright clearance for samples after the records had been pressed. Despite the setback, Potter completed a mix compilation album for the Ministry Of Sound imprint, FSUK. Known for his occasional turntable stunts such as scratching with various parts of his anatomy (head, elbows, feet, etc.), Potter also set a world record in 1999 for DJing with the highest number of decks (nine!). Recorded sporadically over a period of two years, his debutLa Roc Rocs was described by one critic as ‘funny, delirious, debauched and intelligent’.
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