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Clinton Kane

A vocalist with a warm, emotive voice and a passionate style, Clinton Kane developed an audience with homemade videos where he covered his favorite songs before he matured into an expressive, emotionally powerful songwriter. After reaching an international audience as the voice behind Martin Garrix's international smash "Drown," Kane opened up his soul as a lyricist on the 2019 EP This Is What It Feels Like and struck a balance between his confessional and tuneful sides on the 2021 hits "Chicken Tendies" and "I Guess I'm in Love." Both songs later appeared on his 2022 debut album, Maybe Someday It'll All Be OK. Another EP, And All I Love, I Loved Alone, appeared late the following year. Born on November 26, 1999, of Filipino-Norwegian heritage, Clinton Kane spent most of his youth in Australia, Norway, and the United Kingdom. His parents split up when he was 14 years old, and he and his two brothers were raised by their newly single mother, who loved music and encouraged her kids in their creative ambitions. A self-taught musician, Kane learned to master guitar, keyboards, and drums, and in June 2016, he began posting videos online in which he performed songs from some of his favorite artists, among them James Arthur, Ed Sheeran, the Weeknd, the Chainsmokers, and Khalid. He developed a following for his powerful, intimate performances, and he began writing his own material in 2018. A life crisis led to Kane suffering a panic attack, and as he struggled to sort out his emotions, he picked up a guitar and used words and melody to explain his feelings. The experience led him to begin looking into himself and writing songs about what he saw as he studied his thoughts and emotions. The result was his debut EP, 2019's This Is What It Feels Like, a set of deeply personal songs that put a sharp focus on his personal concerns and his expressive vocal style. The EP brought Kane to the attention of Dutch producer Martin Garrix, who invited him to contribute vocals to his track "Drown." The single became an international hit that introduced Kane to a new and wider audience, and he was subsequently signed to Columbia Records. Through 2020, he issued a series of soul-baring tracks, including "I Don't Want to Watch the World End with Someone Else," "Fix It to Break It," "Hopeless," and "Remember the Mornings." In February 2021, Kane released one of his most accessible and personal efforts, the single "Chicken Tendies." The hit ballad "I Guess I'm in Love" appeared later that year, charting throughout Europe and North America. Along with the more aggressive "Go to Hell," both songs were included on Kane's debut full-length, Maybe Someday It'll All Be OK, in July 2022. He closed out the year with two additional non-album singles, "Mexico" and "Avo Toast." Throughout 2023, Kane rolled out a succession of singles including the rousing "Dancing All Alone" and "Bittersweet," both later appearing on his EP And All I Love, I Loved Alone.
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