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Claire Rousay

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Los Angeles-based experimental artist claire rousay creates intimate compositions that focus on interpersonal relationships, queerness, and minute details of daily life. Her recordings and performances are often improvisational and incorporate droning electronics, field recordings, and whispered, ASMR-like vocals, as heard on acclaimed releases like 2021's a softer focus. On occasion, she also makes songs reflecting her love of emo and pop-punk, particularly collaborations with close friend more eaze such as 2022's never stop texting me. Originally from Winnipeg, rousay's family moved to San Antonio when she was ten. Raised in a strict, evangelical Christian household, she drummed in church before dropping out of high school and playing in an indie rock band. After getting into jazz and free improvisation, she started performing as a solo percussionist. She played 200 shows in 2017, and released several cassettes and CD-Rs, including blip and 2018's Neuter and DIVIDE, appearing on established DIY labels like Kendra Steiner Editions and Already Dead. She transitioned in 2019, and her earliest releases under the name claire rousay included Several Erasures, Aerophobia, and the field recording-based t4t. In 2020, rousay released improv collaborations with Alex Cunningham, Carol Genetti, Jacob Wick, and Lisa Cameron, while solo releases like a heavenly touch and Both (her first vinyl LP, issued by Second Editions) continued her exploration of everyday sounds and environmental recordings. Utilizing a text-to-speech program, she recorded it was always worth it, a 20-minute breakup-themed piece that could be described as emo-ambient. 2021's a softer focus marked rousay's first release for Chicago-based American Dreams Records, and it became one of her most acclaimed works, eventually landing on year-end lists by Pitchfork and other publications. She established her own imprint, Mended Dreams Records, in conjunction with American Dreams, and released the two-CD A Collection, as well as the Patrick Shiroishi collaboration Now Am Found and other recordings. An Afternoon Whine, with longtime friend and collaborator more eaze, was released by French label Ecstatic. The duo also recorded never stop texting me, a fizzy set of hyperpop and indie rock tunes, and a crying poem, a more atmospheric collaboration with Bloodz Boi, which were both released by Orange Milk in 2022. The same year, Shelter Press released everything perfect is already here, an album of two 15-minute solo pieces, and wouldn't have to hurt, an album about rousay's struggles with mental health, was released as a benefit for LGBTQ suicide prevention organization The Trevor Project. Sunset Poem, an EP of rousay's remixes of songs from Circuit des Yeux's album -io, was issued by Matador.
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