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Body Breaks

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Canadian duo Body Breaks craft their idiosyncratic songs from the rare combination of non-standard microtonal guitar tunings and straightforwardly catchy melodic hooks. Their first recordings of this warped slacker pop were put together remotely and collected for release in 2021 as their debut album, Bad Trouble. Body Breaks is made up of Montreal musician Matt LeGroulx and Toronto-based vocalist/producer Julie Reich, two friends who met while active in Canada's experimental rock scene with bands like Galaxius Mons and Bile Sister. After one attempt at remote collaboration didn't pan out, LeGroulx and Reich began working on completing some music LeGroulx had started composing as early as 2013. Using unusual tuning methods influenced by sources ranging from Glenn Branca's tense scrawl to Balinese gamelan music, LeGroulx put together instrumentals that married microtonal guitar lines to more familiar rock rhythms. Reich then wrote and recorded lyrics and vocal parts for the songs, adding new dimension to the tracks. The duo completed eight songs this way, and in June 2021, Body Breaks' debut album, Bad Trouble, was released on the We Are Time label.
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