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RXM Reality

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RXM Reality, aka Chicago-based producer Mike Meegan, makes frantic, jagged electronic music using a combination of hardware samplers and software. While his earliest releases were more overtly influenced by techno and house, yet often breaking into moments of distorted chaos, later albums like 2019's DEViL WORLD WiDE are dystopian, post-industrial creations drawing from IDM, grime, and footwork. He took his sound in a more accessible, melodic direction with 2021's Advent and the vocal-driven sick for you (2022). Meegan began releasing music as RXM Reality in 2014, starting with a self-titled cassette on the Pretty All Right label. Subsequent releases appeared on We Be Friends, including 2017's Saad Market. His work gradually shifted from danceable (but still experimental) tracks to more blown-out, glitchy constructions reflecting fear, paranoia, and anxiety. The aptly titled Panic Cycle was released by Hausu Mountain in 2018, and the even more punishing DEViL WORLD WiDE appeared on the label a year later. Blood blood blood blood, yet more complex and overwhelming than its predecessors, came out in 2020. In 2021, Orange Milk released the more melodic Advent, and the somewhat mellower, vocal-heavy WEWEREFRIENDS appeared on We Be Friends. 2022's sick for you continued in this vocal-driven direction.
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