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Jack White, the Guitar God

Par Brunhild M. |

The ex-White Stripes frontman has come out with Lazaretto, his second solo album.

We might be in the minority in saying that Jack White’s a bit of a traditionalist. Don’t dismiss this statement from the outset: we think his new album Lazaretto upholds certain rock ‘n’ roll traditions and pays homage to its values, history, heroes and legends - without sounding outdated. Yet the record also oozes blues sounds, fifties rock, rockabilly, southern soul, country and garage rock.
The ex-White Stripes frontman’s style has evolved since his spectacular first solo album ‘Blunderbuss’ in 2012, and Lazaretto does not disappoint in its thoughtfully crafted chaos (the album took one and a half years to make, which is an eternity when you recall that the ‘Elephant’ album only took three days from scratch). White’s trademark guitar prowess is still very much present (notably in ‘High Ball Stepper’ and ‘Lazaretto’), but it’s clear he wants to avoid falling into the category of post-Zeppelin rock, which is just as well since it would be unnecessarily restricting, given the scope of White’s influences.
Lazaretto’s eclecticism might seem a little baffling at first, but after a few listens you’ll come to the conclusion that each composition stands on its own two feet. Jack White reminds us that he’s a master songwriter, and with the release of his second solo album, it’s clear he is still has stories to tell... Available to stream, or download in Studio Masters quality now on Qobuz.

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