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Coro dell'Accademia Nazionale Di Santa Cecilia

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The Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome consists today of many organizations, including a well-known symphony orchestra, a conservatory and drama school, an institute for musicological research, a museum of musical instruments, and even an experimental film studio. However, none of these is as old as the Accademia di Santa Cecilia Chorus, which dates back to the last two decades of the 16th century. It has been active in one form or another almost ever since and is one of the world's oldest performing organizations of any kind. Its creation was the work of a group of choristers and choir directors who came together, elected Palestrina as their president, and formed a new choir that had both artistic and charitable aims. Although this placed the group in a rivalry with the better-known Sistine Chapel Choir, Pope Sixto V blessed their efforts with a papal bull in 1595. The choir has operated ever since except for a brief interruption during the Napoleonic Wars. Its association with the Santa Cecilia Orchestra was formalized in 1895. The mission of the present-day choir extends far beyond sacred music. The choir has performed in operatic productions and participated in opera recordings, and it joins the Santa Cecilia Orchestra in major choral-orchestral repertory. It is headquartered at the Parco della Musica in Rome, a handsome structure designed by Renzo Piano, and it performs regular concerts there and elsewhere. Some of the choir's recordings have involved opera, and it has issued a pair of albums of Verdi choruses on its own. The Accademia di Santa Cecilia Chorus numbers about 90 singers, and its director, as with the Santa Cecilia Orchestra, is Antonio Pappano. In 2018, he led the chorus and orchestra in a performance of Leonard Bernstein's Symphony No. 3 ("Kaddish") to mark the 100th anniversary of Bernstein's birth. The choir joined Pappano and the Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam in a new recording of Berlioz's Requiem, Op. 5, in 2021.
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