For their fourth album with guest King Krule, the British duo became a quartet, incorporating more and more guitars yet keeping one foot planted firmly in experimental electro. Meet Dom Maker and Kai Campos, insatiable tinkerers in search of new sounds.

Mount Kimbie discuss guitars experimentations, new members, and influences for Qobuz


When they launched Mount Kimbie in 2008, Dom Maker and Kai Campos probably never imagined how their band would sound sixteen years later. Between Crooks & Lovers, released in 2010 on Hotflush Recordings, and The Sunset Violent, released by Warp in the spring of 2024, a vast collection of sounds and sonic textures has had time to pass... Strongly rooted in dubstep in its early days, Mount Kimbie is now a quartet (Andrea Balency-Béarn and Marc Pell who began as live partners are now official members) with an insistent eye on new wave and shoegaze. Before arriving at their latest work The Sunset Violent, the last communication posted by the duo in 2022 was nothing ordinary: a double album consisting of a hip-hop/R&B record (Die Cuts by Dom, who has been based in Los Angeles for several years now) and a second of pure experimental techno (City Planning by Kai, who has remained in London). Two years after MK 3.5: Die Cuts | City Planning, the Britons put their heads together once again with The Sunset Violent, which is certainly hybrid in sound but more monolithic than usual. For Qobuz, the two college buddies talk about the conception and birth of their new album, their fascination with experimentation, their relationship with rock and, for Dom, his work as a producer in L.A...