Molly Lewis’ debut album “On the Lips”: this Qobuzissime award winner redefines lounge music with her whistling mastery

The beauty of the Qobuzissime award is that it is designed to bring attention to an album that is exciting and new, and best believe that Molly LewisOn the Lips is exactly that. Lounge singing? That’s out of fashion… lounge whistling, however? Now that’s exciting!

Lewis, hailing from Sydney but raised between her hometown and Los Angeles, was steeped in a musical environment from a young age. However, it was a serendipitous encounter with whistling during her teenage years that ignited her musical journey. From her early accolades in the competitive whistling circuit to collaborations with luminaries like Dr. Dre and Mark Ronson, Lewis’ signature whistle-toned style has transcended conventional boundaries, a trend mirrored in her debut album.

From the first notes that grace Molly’s lips on the opening title track “On the Lips,” an immediate shiver of goosebumps trickles down one’s spine, leaving us eagerly anticipating what’s to come. Throughout the album, Molly’s theremin-like whistle soars above backdrops reminiscent of a bygone era of grandeur and elegance, spanning from Italian cinema, vintage Hollywood clubs, and spaghetti-western-esque landscapes.

Molly Lewis Island Spell - Live at Zebulon

Molly Lewis

Many of the tracks on the album could easily soundtrack a film, but the best part about them is that they don’t. With each track on On the Lips, the listener is invited to paint their own picture. “Crushed Velvet” evokes scenes from Ennio Morricone films, whereas “Slinky” launches us into outer space… or is it under the sea? That is the point. The incredible backing band (Joe Harrison on flute and bass, Eric Hagstrom on drums, Thomas Brenneck playing the organ, and Lewis also contributing to the guitar lines) coupled with the Molly’s spacious whistling leaves so much room for the listener’s imagination to run wild.

Recorded at Diamond West Studios in Pasadena and produced by Thomas Brenneck (Menahan Street Band, El Michels Affair, The Budos Band, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings), On the Lips invites listeners into a world of sultry melodies and intimate moments. Molly Lewis, armed with her singular talent, crafts images of Hollywood’s hey-day, tender embraces, luxury and life. A master creator.