In concert at the Elysée Montmartre on the 19th of October, the Seattle singer and guitarist spoke to us about his latest album “Chronicles Of The Kid” and much more

Ayron Jones talks about his new album 'Chronicles Of The Kid' and his recent fame | Qobuz Interview


A shining star of fusion rock that draws equally on grunge, blues and soul, Ayron Jones talked about the most intimate aspects of making his fourth album, released last June. The meaning of family and the drastic changes in his daily life were also frequent topics of discussion. His meteoric rise to fame with his previous album, Child of the State, was expressed through the way he managed to preserve his family in this new career, and the sometimes disconcerting immediacy that came with it—a range of feelings, then, which he conveys perfectly in the lyrics of this ambitious album.

The interview also allowed us to talk about the natural evolution of Jones’ music, with a touch of maturity and experience, but also with a renewed vision of the impact of all this support from a fresh but already loyal fanbase. Chronicles Of The Kid details the quest for the meaning of family, the perpetual search for the meaning to be given to what happens to us when success seems to be just around the corner.