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The Unification of Son Volt

A perfect combination of past and present, Son Volt's "Union" seeks to address some contemporary turbulent politics.

Weyes Blood, holy water

Natalie Mering's 4th album is as grandiose as Titanic. Hopefully they won't share endings...

New Order, post-Joy Division

Finally remastered, "Movement", New Order's first album, retains its fascinating coldness...

C Duncan, no longer alone

C Duncan's highly anticipated third album sees him venture out of his bedroom and into an uncharted collaborative space.

Let's bring the great organ of Notre-Dame de Paris back to life

In the aftermath of the fire that devastated Notre-Dame de Paris, Qobuz has decided to mobilize for the renovation of its great organ. This exceptional instrument has been improved and renovated several times over the centuries.

Back from the brink of death

Nearly 15 years after some life-threatening medical incidents left his future in question, Edwyn Collins has still got life in him yet.

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