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Classical Music for Productivity

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Playlist: Classical Music for Productivity

by Unclassified

  • 100 tracks - 06h41m

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You may be on the clock, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some beautiful music. This selection of classical music is designed to boost your productivity--so no matter what you're working on, we've got your soundtrack covered. If you like this playlist. Vous êtes peut-être à l'heure, mais cela ne veut pas dire que vous ne pouvez pas profiter d'u...

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Classical Music for Productivity

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Title Artist Album Duration

Georg Philipp Telemann, Composer - Barthold Kuijken, Artist, MainArtist - Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra, Orchestra

(C) 2019 Naxos (P) 2019 Naxos

27 Pieces (Excerpts): No. 20 in D Minor, WK 205
Aziz Ibrahim Risonanze: Music for viola da gamba 00:01:38

Carl Friedrich Abel, Composer - Ibrahim Aziz, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2019 First Hand Records (P) 2019 First Hand Records

3 Romanzen, Op. 94 (Arr. J. Larocque for Flute & Piano): No. 1, Nicht schnell
Sofia de Salis Shades of Love: Works for Flute & Piano 00:03:25

Robert Schumann, Composer - Iryna Krasnovska, Artist - Sofia de Salis, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Ars Produktion (P) 2019 Ars Produktion

Sonata for 2 Oboes & Piano in D Minor, Op. 56: IV. Intermezzo. Cantabile
Christopher O’neal Fürstenthal: Chamber Music, Vol. 1 00:01:58

Christopher O’neal, Artist, MainArtist - Robert Fürstenthal, Composer - The Rossetti Ensemble, Ensemble

(C) 2019 Toccata Classics (P) 2019 Toccata Classics

String Quartet in C Major, Hob. III:77 "Emperor": II. Poco adagio cantabile (Arr. for Piano)
Ekaterina Derzhavina Haydn: Works for Piano 00:05:30

Franz Joseph Haydn, Composer - Ekaterina Derzhavina, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Profil (P) 2019 Profil

Piano Sonata No. 13 in A Major, Op. Posth. 120, D. 664: II. Andante
Giuseppe Bruno Schubert: Piano Sonata No. 13, D. 664 & No. 15, D. 840 "Reliquie" 00:04:38

Franz Schubert, Composer - Giuseppe Bruno, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2019 OnClassical (P) 2019 OnClassical

Concertino for Harpsichord & Strings: II. Andante
Jory Vinikour 20th Century Harpsichord Concertos 00:03:26

Walter Leigh, Composer - Jory Vinikour, Artist, MainArtist - Chicago Philharmoic, Orchestra - Scott Speck, Conductor

(C) 2019 Cedille (P) 2019 Cedille

IV. Plainsong
Siggi String Quartet South of the Circle 00:03:17

Valgeir Sigurðsson, Composer - Siggi String Quartet, Ensemble, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Sono Luminus (P) 2019 Sono Luminus

I. First Light
Yolanda Kondonassis American Rapture 00:06:52

Jennifer Higdon, Composer - Yolanda Kondonassis, Artist, MainArtist - The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra - Ward Stare, Conductor

(C) 2019 Azica Records (P) 2019 Azica Records

Nashville Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra - Jason Vieaux, Artist, MainArtist - Giancarlo Guerrero, Conductor - Jonathan Leshnoff, Composer

(C) 2019 Naxos (P) 2019 Naxos

I. Cavatina
Erica Nygård Momentum 00:03:15

Jack Mattsson, Composer - Erica Nygård, Artist, MainArtist - Niels Burgmann, Artist

(C) 2019 Alba (P) 2019 Alba

II. Vivace
Erica Nygård Momentum 00:01:25

Jack Mattsson, Composer - Erica Nygård, Artist, MainArtist - Niels Burgmann, Artist

(C) 2019 Alba (P) 2019 Alba

Flute Sonata in E Minor, Op. 3 No. 3: II. Larghetto
Alexa Raine-Wright Platti: Flute Sonatas, Op. 3 00:04:17

Giovanni Benedetto Platti , Composer - Sylvain Bergeron, Artist - Camille Paquette-Roy, Artist - Alexa Raine-Wright, Artist, MainArtist - Rona Nadler, Artist

(C) 2019 Leaf Music (P) 2019 Leaf Music

I. Allegro moderato
Yehuda Inbar Schubert & Others : Piano Sonatas 00:07:03

Yehuda Inbar, Piano - Franz Schubert, Composer

(C) 2019 Oehms Classics (P) 2019 Oehms Classics

I. Allegro con brio
Noémi Győri Transforming Traditions 00:05:22

Franz Joseph Haydn, Composer - Noémi Győri, Composer, Artist, MainArtist - Katalin Koltai, Composer, Artist

(C) 2019 Genuin (P) 2019 Genuin

III. Presto
Simon Murphy Jet Set! 00:02:37

Johann Friedrich Reichardt, Composer - New Dutch Academy Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra, MainArtist - Simon Murphy, Conductor


Pastoral Symphony: V. La nature transportée de la joie élève la voix vers le ciel
Hofkapelle Stuttgart Knecht: Orchestral Works & Arias 00:04:53

Frieder Bernius, Conductor - Justin Heinrich Knecht, Composer - Hofkapelle Stuttgart, Orchestra, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Carus (P) 2019 Carus

III. Minuetto. Allegro - Trio
Juanjo Mena Arriaga: Overtures, Herminie & Other Works 00:03:52

BBC Philharmonic - Juanjo Mena, Conductor - Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga, Composer

(C) 2019 Chandos (P) 2019 Chandos

Piero Barbareschi, Performer - Paolo Ponziano Ciardi, Conductor - Orchestra da Camera dell'Etruria, Orchestra - Luca Bianchini, Composer - Johann Simon Mayr, Composer - Piero Barbareschi, Composer

2013 Tactus 2013 Tactus

Keyboard Concerto No. 1 in B-Flat Major: III. Rondo. Allegro
Clare Hammond Mysliveček: Complete Music for Keyboard 00:02:36

Nicholas McGegan, Conductor - Josef Myslivecek, Composer - Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Ensemble - Clare Hammond, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2019 BIS (P) 2019 BIS

Ewa Kupiec, Artist, MainArtist - Sebastian Tewinkel, Conductor - Emilie Mayer, Composer - Neubrandenburg Philharmonie, Orchestra

(C) 2018 CapriccioNR (P) 2018 CapriccioNR

Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana - Howard Griffiths, Conductor - François Adrien Boieldieu, Composer

(C) 2019 CPO (P) 2019 CPO

Gioachino Rossini, Composer - Tapiola Sinfonietta, Orchestra - Jaakko Luoma, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Ondine (P) 2019 Ondine

IV. Allegro
Schuppanzigh-Quartett Ries: String Quartets, Vol. 3 00:05:16

Ferdinand Ries, Composer - Schuppanzigh-Quartett, Ensemble, MainArtist

(C) 2018 CPO (P) 2018 CPO

Leopold Kozeluch, Composer - Marek Stilec, Conductor - Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, Orchestra, MainArtist - Jiřina Dvořáková, Artist

(C) 2018 Naxos (P) 2018 Naxos

III. Gavot: allegro
Academy of St. Martin in the Fields Boyce: 8 Symphonies 00:02:15

William Boyce, Composer - Neville Marriner, Conductor - Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Orchestra, MainArtist

(C) 2017 Capriccio (P) 2017 Capriccio

George Frideric Handel, Composer - Kenneth Sillito, Conductor - Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Orchestra, MainArtist

(C) 1994 Capriccio (P) 1994 Capriccio

Rachel Barton Pine, Performer - Ars Antigua, Ensemble - Antonio Vivaldi, Composer

2015 Cedille 2015 Cedille

Spring 1
Francisco Fullana Through the Lens of Time 00:02:41

City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra - Max Richter, Composer - Francisco Fullana, Artist, MainArtist - Carlos Izcaray, Conductor

(C) 2018 Orchid Classics (P) 2018 Orchid Classics

V. A Perfect Picnic
David Shifrin Spring Forward 00:03:51

David Shifrin, Artist, MainArtist - Peter Schickele, Composer - Miro Quartet, Ensemble

(C) 2019 Delos (P) 2019 Delos

No. 1, Slingerdansin
Shank-Hagedorn Duo At Home & Abroad 00:03:23

Maria Kalaniemi, Composer - Shank-Hagedorn Duo, Ensemble, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Innova (P) 2019 Innova

No. 2, Breeze Serenade
Chicago Sinfonietta Project W: Works by Diverse Women Composers 00:06:37

Jennifer Higdon, Composer - Mei-Ann Chen, Conductor - Chicago Sinfonietta, Orchestra, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Cedille (P) 2019 Cedille

No. 35, Thongnak Sawekchinda
Mivos Quartet Frank Horvat: For Those Who Died Trying 00:01:54

Mivos Quartet, Ensemble, MainArtist - Frank Horvat, Composer

(C) 2018 ATMA Classique (P) 2018 ATMA Classique

Modular Winter
Justin Wright Modular Winter 00:03:08

Justin Wright, MainArtist - First Terrace Records, MusicPublisher

2019 First Terrace Records 2019 First Terrace Records

Emil Tabakov, Composer - Rick Stotijn, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2019 BIS (P) 2019 BIS

Summa (for strings)
Alexei Lubimov Arvo Part - A Portrait (KIMBERLEY) 00:03:47

Arvo Pärt, Composer - Tamas Benedek, Conductor - Hungarian State Opera Orchestra Strings, Orchestra

2005 Naxos 2005 Naxos

Early Music (For a Saturday)
Simon Jermyn Caleb Burhans: Past Lives 00:04:57

Caleb Burhans, Composer, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Cantaloupe Music (P) 2019 Cantaloupe Music

John Zorn, Composer - Quatuor Molinari, Ensemble, MainArtist

(C) 2019 ATMA Classique (P) 2019 ATMA Classique

Etudes: No. 5, Adagio
Ian van Rensburg Riisager: Violin Concerto & Etudes 00:04:45

Knudåge Riisager, Composer - Andreas Delfs, Conductor - Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Dacapo (P) 2019 Dacapo

Oboe Sonata, Op. 85: III. Finale. Allegro giocoso
Alex Klein Twentieth Century Oboe Sonatas 00:04:21

York Bowen, Composer - Alex Klein, Artist, MainArtist - Phillip Bush, Artist

(C) 2019 Cedille (P) 2019 Cedille

I. —
Ulster Orchestra Glass: Works for Orchestra 00:02:33

Ulster Orchestra, Orchestra - Takuo Yuasa, Conductor - Philip Glass, Composer

2000 Naxos Special Projects - France 2000 Naxos Special Projects - France

The Sky Was Good for Flying
Nicholas DiEugenio Unraveling Beethoven 00:06:24

Nicholas DiEugenio, Artist, MainArtist - David Kirkland Garner, Composer - Mimi Solomon, Artist

(C) 2018 New Focus Recordings (P) 2018 New Focus Recordings

Belle Chen Departure 00:03:09

Belle Chen, Composer, Artist, MainArtist

2019 Belle Chen 2019 Belle Chen

Lyubov Petrova The Compassion Project 00:02:57

Tara Helen O'Connor, Artist, MainArtist - Sean Hickey, Composer - Claire Brazeau, Artist

(C) 2018 Innova (P) 2018 Innova

No. 3, The Sinuous Arcade
John Schneider Just National Guitar 00:03:28

Lou Harrison, Composer - John Schneider, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2019 MicroFest Records (P) 2019 MicroFest Records

I. Praeludium
Helene Schütz Saitenwechsel: Works for Solo Harp 00:01:51

Johann Sebastian Bach, Composer - Helene Schütz, Composer, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2019 haenssler CLASSIC (P) 2019 haenssler CLASSIC

In My Blood / Swan Lake
The Piano Guys Limitless 00:03:56

Teddy Geiger, Composer - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Composer - Steven Sharp Nelson, Producer, Arranger, Cello, Drums, Percussion, Piano, Strings - The Piano Guys, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Al van der Beek, Producer, Arranger, Mastering Engineer, Percussion, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer, Vocal - Shawn Mendes, Composer - Geoffrey Warburton, Composer - Scott Friedman, Composer

(P) 2018 TPG Productions LLC, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment

China Gates
Ralph Van Raat Musique pour piano (Intégrale) 00:05:13

John Adams, Composer - Ralph van Raat, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2007 Naxos (P) 2007 Naxos

About Playlist

You may be on the clock, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some beautiful music. This selection of classical music is designed to boost your productivity--so no matter what you're working on, we've got your soundtrack covered. If you like this playlist.

Vous êtes peut-être à l'heure, mais cela ne veut pas dire que vous ne pouvez pas profiter d'un peu de bonne musique. Cette sélection de musique classique est conçue pour augmenter votre productivité, donc peu importe sur quoi vous travaillez, nous avons la bande son qu'il vous faut.

Diese Playlist soll Ihnen dabei helfen, Ihre Produktivität zu steigern, egal an was Sie gerade arbeiten, wir haben den richtigen Soundtrack für Sie.

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