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French Indie

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Playlist: French Indie

by Qobuz Netherlands

  • 104 tracks - 06h25m

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A little more than 100 tracks to trace the history of Indie Rock "made in France". In French but mostly in English, from the 90s to today, here is a selection of some of the bands and songs that have helped to write an alternative history of music from across the channel.

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French Indie

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Title Artist Album Duration
Sloy Plug 00:03:24

Sloy, Performer - Armand Gonzalez, Composer - Virginie Peitavi, Composer - Cyril Bilbeaud, Composer

1995 Sloy 1995 Sloy

As Happy As
Les Thugs As Happy As Possible 00:05:21

Copyright Control, MusicPublisher - Kurt Bloch, Mixer - Les Thugs, Artist, MainArtist - Pierre-Yves Sourice, Composer, Lyricist - Christophe Sourice, Composer, Lyricist, Producer - Eric Sourice, Composer, Lyricist - Thierry Méanard, Composer, Lyricist

2014 Nineteen Something 1993 Les Thugs

Drive Blind Be a Vegetable 00:03:21

Drive Blind, Performer - Pierre Viguier, Composer - Karine Auzier, Writer

2016 Head Records 2016 Drive Blind

When It's Too Late
Casbah Club Dead London Calling 00:02:59

Casbah Club, MainArtist - Bruno Simoen, Composer - Fred Froger, Composer - Jean-Hugues Malnar, Composer - Jean-Christophe Wauthier, Composer - Matthieu Bablée, Composer

2015 Koowood 1994 Casbah Club

Blue Thing
Dirty Hands Bleus 00:03:40

Copyright Control, MusicPublisher - Peter Deimel, Mixer - Iain Burgess, Producer, Mixer - Dirty Hands, Producer, Artist, MainArtist - Alain Lardeux, Composer, Lyricist - Dominique Pasquini, Composer, Lyricist - Gilles Moret, Composer, Lyricist - Patrice Cottenceau, Composer, Lyricist

2015 Koowood 1994 Dirty Hands

Toy Boy
Stuck in the Sound Nevermind the Living Dead 00:04:25

Stuck in the Sound, Performer - Emmanuel Barichasse, Composer - Arnaud Bordas, Composer - François Ernie, Composer - José Fontao, Composer - Romain Della Valle, Composer

2006 Beam 2006 Beam

Yellow Butterfly
Tahiti 80 Puzzle 00:04:34

Tahiti 80, Performer - Tahiti 80, Composer

1999 Atmosphériques

The Bridge Is Broken (Live at l’Olympia, Paris)
The Dø Live at l’Olympia, Paris 00:03:54

The Dø, Performer - Dan Levy, Composer - Olivia Merilahti, Composer

Get Down! under exclusive license to Cinq 7 / Wagram Music Get Down! under exclusive license to Cinq 7 / Wagram Music

Team Ghost Rituals 00:02:37

Team Ghost, Performer - NICOLAS FROMAGEAU, Composer - Benoît de Villeneuve, Composer - Christophe Guerin, Composer - Pierre Blanc, Composer - Félix Delacroix, Composer - Jean-Philippe Talaga, Composer

2013 wSphere / Wagram Music

Je n'veux pas rester sage
Dolly Dolly (Edition Deluxe) 00:04:43

David Salsedo, Lyricist - Dolly, MainArtist - Emmanuelle Monet, Composer - Nicolas Bonnière, Composer - Thierry Lacroix, Composer - Michaël Chamberlin, Composer

1997 East West France 1997 East West France

Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix 00:04:01

Phoenix, Composer, Producer, Band Member, MainArtist

2009 © 2013 Loyauté under license to Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC and exclusively licensed to Warner Music UK Limited ℗ 2009 Loyauté under license to Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC and exclusively licensed to Warner Music UK Limited

Partons vite
Kaolin Mélanger les couleurs 00:04:01

Kaolin, interprète - Julien Cantillon, compositeur - Guillaume Cantillon, compositeur - Ludwig Martins, compositeur - Olivier Valty, compositeur - Julien Cantillon, auteur - Guillaume Cantillon, auteur - Ludwig Martins, auteur - Olivier Valty, auteur

2006 AT(h)OME 2006 AT(h)OME

Une larme dans un verre d'eau
Experience Nous (en) sommes encore là 00:03:29

Experience, interprète - Michel Cloup, compositeur - Francis Esteves, compositeur - Patrice Cartier, compositeur - Michel Cloup, auteur

2007 MVS 2007 Boxson

Luke La tête en arrière 00:03:08

Thomas Boulard, Lyricist - Unknown, Producer - Luke, Composer - Luke, Performer

(P) 2004 Le Village Vert

Overhead No Time Between 00:02:45

Overhead, interprète

2004 naïve

The Living Dead
Laetitia Sheriff Pandemonium, Solace and Stars 00:03:08

Laetitia Sheriff, Performer, Composer, Lyricist

2014 Impersonal Freedom / Yotanka Records 2014 Impersonal Freedom / Yotanka Records

Le Prince Miiaou, Performer - Maud Elisa Mandeau, Composer

2011 No Damn Label 2011 Pour ouvrir une parenthèse

Breathe In, Breathe Out
Melody's Echo Chamber Bon Voyage 00:02:50

Fredrik Swahn, Producer, Mixer - Reine Fiske, Producer, Mixer - Melody's Echo Chamber, MainArtist - Melody Prochet, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, Mixer - Domino Publishing Company Ltd, MusicPublisher

2018 Domino Recording Co Ltd 2018 Domino Recording Co Ltd

Pamela hute Highline 00:03:18

Pamela hute, Composer, Performer, Writer - Delphine Audevard, Composer

2017 My Dear Recordings 2017 My Dear Recordings

The Little Rabbits, MainArtist - BUTCHER (THE), Composer, Writer

© 1991 Single Ko licence exclusive de Parlophone Music France ℗ 1991 Single Ko Under Exclusive Licence to Parlophone / Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company

Mademoiselle K HUNGRY DIRTY BABY 00:03:48

Mademoiselle K, Performer - Katerine Gierak, Composer

2014 Kravache 2014 Kravache

La Femme Psycho Tropical Berlin 00:04:08

Chab, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Samy Osta, Producer, Mixer, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Marlon Magnée, Arranger, Work Arranger, ComposerLyricist - La Femme, Producer, Interprète Instrumental, Interprète Vocal, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Clémence Quelennec, Interprète Vocal, AssociatedPerformer - Sacha Got, Arranger, Work Arranger, ComposerLyricist - Sam Lefèvre, Arranger, Recording Engineer, Work Arranger, StudioPersonnel - Damien Bertrand, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2013 Disque Pointu

La vérité
François & The Atlas Mountains Piano Ombre 00:03:03

2014 Domino Recording Co Ltd France 2014 Domino Recording Co Ltd France

Hey you
Pony Pony Run Run You need Pony Pony Run Run 00:03:12

Pony Pony Run Run, performer - Gaétan Réchin lê ky Huong, composer & author - Antonin Pierre, composer - Amael Réchin lê ky huong, composer

2009 3ème Bureau / Wagram Music 2009 3ème Bureau / Wagram Music

Someone New
Von Pariahs Hidden Tensions 00:03:03

Von Pariahs, Performer - Samuel Sprent, Composer - Théo Radière, Composer - Marc-Antoine Riot, Composer - Hugo Allard, Composer - Romain Bouchet, Composer - Guillaume Cibard, Composer - Samuel Sprent, Lyricist - Théo Radière, Lyricist - Marc-Antoine Riot, Lyricist - Hugo Allard, Lyricist - Romain Bouchet, Lyricist - Guillaume Cibard, Lyricist

2013 Yotanka Productions 2013 Yotanka Productions

Radio Girl
Pi Ja Ma Nice to Meet U 00:03:21

Axel Concato, Composer - Pi Ja Ma, MainArtist

2018 Bleepmachine under exclusive license to Cinq 7 / Wagram Music 2018 Bleepmachine under exclusive license to Cinq 7 / Wagram Music

To Carry Many Small Things
Mina Tindle Taranta 00:03:42

Mina Tindle, interprète - Mina Tindle, compositeur - Mina Tindle, auteur - Mina Tindle, arrangeur

Believe Recordings

Sad Disco
Rhesus Sad Disco 00:04:10

Rhesus, MainArtist

2005 [PIAS] France 2005 [PIAS] France

Do You Like Boys?
The Dodoz The Dodoz 00:03:23

The Dodoz, interprète - Geraldine Baux, compositeur - Vincent Argiolas, compositeur - Jules Cassignol, compositeur - Adrien Cassignol, compositeur - Geraldine Baux, auteur - Vincent Argiolas, auteur - Jules Cassignol, auteur - Adrien Cassignol, auteur

2009 Murrayfield Music Ltd 2009 Murrayfield Music LTD

Sentimental Animal
Rendez Vous Superior State 00:04:35

Maxime gendre, Composer, Lyricist - Elliot Berthault, Composer, Lyricist - Francis Mallari, Composer, Lyricist - Simon Dubourg, Composer, Lyricist - Rendez Vous, MainArtist


Cocoon My Friends All Died in a Plane Crash 00:02:56

Sony ATV, OriginalPublisher - Cocoon, Artist, MainArtist - M. Daumail, Composer, Author - M. Imbeaud, Composer - Sober & Gentle, OriginalPublisher

2007 Sober & Gentle 2007 Sober & Gentle

Hi Life
Syd Matters Brotherocean 00:03:51

Syd Matters, interprète

Because Music Because Music

I Need Some Time
Hey hey my my Hey Hey My My 00:02:47

Hey Hey My My, Artist, MainArtist - Julien Gaulier, Composer, Author - Julien Garnier, Composer - Sober & Gentle, OriginalPublisher

Sober & Gentle Sober & Gentle

In Your Shadow
Erevan Tusk Fortify Your Innocence 00:03:32

Erevan Tusk, interprète - Erevan Tusk, compositeur - Viudès, auteur - Paillard, auteur - Desse, auteur - Cortes, auteur - Genty, auteur

2012 Underdog Records 2012 Underdog Records

Baden Baden Coline 00:03:19

Baden Baden, Composer, Author, Artist, MainArtist

Starlite Rec (P) 2012 Starlite Rec/naïve

Ropoporose Elephant Love 00:05:43

Ropoporose, MainArtist - Yotanka, Producer - Romain Benard, Pauline Benard, Composer, Contributor

Ropoporose Ropoporose

Away from the Bar
Bantam Lyons Melatonin Spree 00:03:53

Bantam Lyons, Performer - Loïc Le Cam, Composer - Maëlan Carquet, Composer - Benoit Gucher, Composer - Samuel Rolland, Composer

2016 Kshantu

Shoefiti Fill the Silence with Your Desires 00:02:33

William Martin, Composer - Copyright Control, MusicPublisher - Clément Caillierez, Arranger - Shoefiti, Artist, MainArtist - Henri d'armancourt, Composer, Lyricist - Raphaël Tandoi, Arranger - Charles Bourdon, Arranger

Hugo Jouxtel Shoefiti

I'm on My Way
Marble Arch I'm on My Way 00:03:52

Marble Arch, Artist, MainArtist - Yann Le Razavet, Composer, Author - Echo Orange, OriginalPublisher

Echo Orange Marble Arch

It's Gone
The Psychotic Monks Silence Slowly And Madly Shines 00:05:44

Clément Caillierez, Composer, Lyricist, Producer - Arthur Dussaux, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, Mixer - Alter-K, MusicPublisher - The Psychotic Monks, Artist, MainArtist - Martin Bejuy, Composer, Lyricist, Producer - Paul Dussaux, Composer, Lyricist, Producer

2016 The Psychotic Monks 2016 The Psychotic Monks

H-Burns Kid We Own The Summer 00:03:52

H-Burns, Performer - Renaud Brustlein, Composer

Vietnam under exclusive licence to Because Music LC33186 Vietnam under exclusive licence to Because Music LC33186

Concrete Knives Be Your Own King 00:03:39

Concrete Knives, MainArtist - Nicolas Delahaye, Composer - Adrien Leprêtre, Composer - Guillaume Aubertin, Composer - Martin Bonnet, Composer

2012 Bella Union 2012 Bella Union

Crane Angels Le Sylphide de Brighton 00:04:10

Crane Angels, interprète - Pierre Loustaunau, compositeur - Mickael Appollinaire, compositeur - Lisa Renaud, compositeur - Charlotte Martin, compositeur - Dorian Verdier, compositeur - Vincent Bestaven, compositeur - Maxime Riviere, compositeur - Sylvain Kalbfleisch, compositeur - Romain Boutin, compositeur - Alexandre Dupouts, compositeur - Arthur Larregle, compositeur - Ludovic Colombani, compositeur - Jean-Christophe Pourcel, compositeur - Pierre Loustaunau, auteur - Mickael Appollinaire, auteur - Lisa Renaud, auteur - Charlotte Martin, auteur - Dorian Verdier, auteur - Vincent Bestaven, auteur - Maxime Riviere, auteur - Sylvain Kalbfleisch, auteur - Romain Boutin, auteur - Alexandre Dupouts, auteur - Arthur Larregle, auteur - Ludovic Colombani, auteur - Jean-Christophe Pourcel, auteur

2011 Iceberg 2011 Animal Factory Records / Iceberg

Under Skies of Fire
Maison Neuve Joan 00:03:52

Maison Neuve, interprète - Guillaume Faure, compositeur - Guillaume Faure, auteur

2011 Talitres 2011 Talitres

Rock'n'roll is written on my bones
Sexypop Strange days 00:03:12

Sexypop, interprète - Pierre Kolko»franky Charrier»sylvain Charrier, compositeur - Pierre Kolko, auteur

2005 Aidons sexypop 2005 Aidons sexypop

The English Cloud
Daria (rock) Red Red 00:05:45

Daria (rock), Performer

2012 Yotanka 2012 Yotanka

Microfilm A journey to the 75th 00:03:59

Microfilm, Performer - Cadu, Composer, Writer - Chiron, Composer, Writer - chesse, Composer, Writer - guerineau, Composer, Writer - Landry, Composer, Writer

2004 g.chiron 2004 microfilm

Various Artists Lafolie Records 5 Years 00:02:59

Suki Brownies, interprète - Romuald Grandjean, compositeur - Joseph Azar, compositeur - Sukhvinder Gill, auteur

2011 Lafolie records 2011 Lafolie records

Namdose S/T 00:05:25

BRNS, Artist - Antoine Meersseman, Composer, Lyricist - Timothée Philippe, Composer, Lyricist - Diego Leyder, Composer, Lyricist - Ropoporose, Artist - Romain Benard, Composer, Lyricist - Pauline Benard, Composer, Lyricist - Yotanka Records, MusicPublisher - Namdose feat. Ropoporose & BRNS, MainArtist - Namdose, Artist

2019 Yotanka Records 2019 Mister B

Politic! (Radio Edit)
Michelle Blades Politic! 00:03:36

Michelle Blades, Composer, Author, Artist, MainArtist - Domino Publishing, OriginalPublisher

2018 Midnight Special Records 2018 Midnight Special Records

About Playlist

A little more than 100 tracks to trace the history of Indie Rock "made in France". In French but mostly in English, from the 90s to today, here is a selection of some of the bands and songs that have helped to write an alternative history of music from across the channel.

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