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Playlist: New in Pop

by Qobuz Netherlands

  • 60 tracks - 03h40m

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Listen to the latest Pop releases, last updated on July 23rd, 2021. With Coldplay, Molly Burch, Haim, Samia, Emma-Jean Thackray, Grace Davies, John Mayer, Tones and I, FrYars, Natalie Bergman, Caroline Polachek, Laurell, Gary Kemp, Clairo, Tom Odell, Billie Eilish, Joy Oladokun... Photo: Billie Eilish © Kelia Anne MacCluskey

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New in Pop

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Title Artist Album Duration
Coldplay Coloratura 00:10:18

Max Martin, Producer, Additional Keyboards, Additional Vocals, Writer, Drum Programmer - John Metcalfe, Writer, Strings - Chris Martin, Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals, Writer - Coldplay, MainArtist - Guy Berryman, Writer, Bass - Will Champion, Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Writer - Jonny Buckland, Guitar, Keyboards, Writer - Michael Ilbert, Mixer, Engineer - Davide Rossi, Writer, Strings - Daniel Green, CoProducer - Rik Simpson, Mixer, Additional Keyboards, Additional Vocals, CoProducer - Jon Hopkins, Keyboards - Dan Green, Programmer - Cherif Hashizume, Additional Programmer - Oscar Holter, Producer, Keyboards, Drum Programmer - Paris Strother, Writer, Synthesizer - Duncan Fuller, AssistantEngineer - Bill Rahko, Producer, Theremin - Randy Merrill, Masterer - The Dream Team, AdditionalEngineer - Tate McDowell, AssistantEngineer - Connor Panayi, AssistantEngineer - Matt Cooke, AssistantEngineer - Kian Moghaddamzadeh, AssistantEngineer - Matt Latham, AssistantEngineer - Tomas Crow, AssistantEngineer - Emma Marks, AssistantEngineer - Simon Salabim, AssistantEngineer

Under exclusive licence to Parlophone Records Limited., © 2021 Coldplay ℗ 2021 Coldplay, under exclusive licence to Parlophone Records Limited

Took A Minute
Molly Burch Romantic Images 00:03:13

NO OTHER MUSIC, MusicPublisher - Alaina Moore, Composer, Producer - Patrick Riley, Producer - Molly Burch, Composer, MainArtist - Mikaelin Bluespruce, Mixer

2021 Captured Tracks 2021 Captured Tracks

Cherry Flavored Stomach Ache (From “The Last Letter From Your Lover”)
Haim Cherry Flavored Stomach Ache 00:02:31

Dave Fridmann, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Emily Lazar, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Ariel Rechtshaid, Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Keyboards, Co-Producer, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer, StudioPersonnel, ComposerLyricist - Haim, MainArtist - Danielle Haim, Producer, Drums, Guitar, Co-Producer, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Alana Haim, Guitar, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Este Haim, Bass, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Chris Allgood, Assistant Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Matt DiMona, Engineer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2021 HAIM Productions Inc.

Show Up
Samia Scout 00:03:21

Samia, MainArtist - Andy Seltzer, Composer, Producer - Samia Finnerty, Composer - Pulse Music / Kablarmia Music (ASCAP), MusicPublisher

(C) 2021 Grand Jury Music (P) 2021 Grand Jury Music

Say Something
Emma-Jean Thackray Yellow 00:03:49

Emma-Jean Thackray, MainArtist

2021 Movementt 2021 Movementt

he's not you
Vérité he's not you 00:03:50

Vérité, MainArtist - Kelsey Byrne, Songwriter, ComposerLyricist - Mathias Wang, Songwriter, ComposerLyricist


Grace Davies toothbrush 00:03:52

Adam Argyle, Composer, Lyricist - Marcus Andersson, Producer - Grace Davies, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, MainArtist - Gil Lewis, Composer, Lyricist, Producer

2021 Grace Davies 2021 Grace Davies

Oscar and The Wolf Oliver 00:04:37

Jeroen De Pessemier, Composer - Oscar and The Wolf, MainArtist - Max Colombie, Composer - Ozan Bozdag, Composer - One Track Brain, Producer, MixingEngineer

2021 Oscar and The Wolf under exclusive license to [PIAS] Recordings 2021 Oscar and The Wolf under exclusive license to [PIAS] Recordings

Anne-Marie Therapy 00:02:45

Raye, Backing Vocals - Stuart Hawkes, Masterer - James Murray, Drums, Percussion, Sound Effects (SFX), Bass Synthesizer - Mustafa Omer, Drums, Percussion, Sound Effects (SFX), Bass Synthesizer - ANDREW MURRAY, Keyboards, Strings Programmer - Fred Ball, Composer, Producer, Engineer, Keyboards, Percussion - Mojam, Additional Production - Geoff Swan, Mixer - Cameron Gower Poole, Vocal Production - Lostboy, Producer, Engineer, Drum Programmer, Synthesizer Programmer - Joe Burgess, Assistant Mixer - Anne-Marie, Vocals, Backing Vocals, MainArtist - Anne-Marie Nicholson, Composer - Rachel Keen, Composer - Niko Battistini, Assistant Mixer - Peter Rycroft, Composer

A Major Toms / Asylum Records release, © 2021 Warner Music UK Limited. A Major Toms / Asylum Records UK release, ℗ 2021 Warner Music UK Limited

Tom Odell monsters 00:02:33

Rob Kinelski, Mixing Engineer - Dave Kutch, Mastering Engineer - Tom Odell, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, Piano, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, Vocal - Jonathan Coffer, Composer, Lyricist - Casey Cuayo, Assistant Engineer - Arrow Benjamin, Composer, Lyricist - Miles James, Producer, Drums, Bass - Christoph Skirl, Engineer - Eli Heisler, Assistant Engineer - Laurie Blundell, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, Synthesizer, Misc. Producer

(P) 2021 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Billie Eilish NDA 00:03:15

Rob Kinelski, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Dave Kutch, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - FINNEAS, Producer, Engineer, Percussion, Vocal Arranger, Synth Bass, Synthesizer, Drum Programming, AssociatedPerformer, StudioPersonnel - Billie Eilish, Vocals, Vocal Engineer, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, StudioPersonnel - Finneas O'Connell, ComposerLyricist - Billie Eilish O'Connell, ComposerLyricist

℗ 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records

Joy Oladokun in defense of my own happiness 00:03:13

Clint Gibbs, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - RoboPop, Producer, Programming, AssociatedPerformer - Dale Becker, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Joy Oladokun, Vocalist, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Olubukola Oladokun, ComposerLyricist

℗ 2019 Amigo Records, LLC

Cure For Me
Aurora Cure For Me 00:03:21

Aurora, Producer, Organ, Vocals, Synthesizer, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Alex Wharton, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Josh Gudwin, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Magnus Skylstad, Composer, Producer, Drums, Engineer, Bass, Synthesizer, Programming, AssociatedPerformer, StudioPersonnel - Alexander von Mehren, Drum Machine, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2021 Universal Music Operations Limited

Permission to Dance
BTS Butter / Permission to Dance 00:03:07

Steve Mac, Composer, Producer - Chris Laws, Engineer - John Hanes, AssistantEngineer - Chris Gehringer, MasteringEngineer - Serban Ghenea, MixingEngineer - Ed Sheeran, Composer - Johnny McDaid, Composer - Sony/ATV Songs LLC, MusicPublisher - Jenna Andrews, Composer, Producer, VocalProducer - PDOGG, Engineer, VocalArranger - Sony/ATV Music Publishing, MusicPublisher - Dan Pursey, Engineer - Keith Parry, Engineer - Stephen Kirk, Producer, VocalProducer - Sony/ATV Music Publishing Limited, MusicPublisher - Ed Sheeran Limited, MusicPublisher - BTS, MainArtist - Rob Grimaldi, Engineer - Juan "Saucy" Peña, Engineer - Rokstone Music Ltd. under exclusive license to Universal Music Publishing Limited, MusicPublisher - Leaha Music, MusicPublisher


LP Goodbye 00:03:46

Nate Campany, Composer - Laura Pergolizzi, Composer - MANNY MARROQUIN, MixingEngineer - LP, MainArtist - Mike Del Rio, Composer, Producer

2021 [PIAS] Recordings 2021 [PIAS] Recordings

Half Waif Swimmer 00:03:08

Half Waif, MainArtist - Nandi Rose, ComposerLyricist - Rice Moose Music (BMI), MusicPublisher

2021 Anti 2021 Anti

could cry just thinkin about you (Full Version)
Troye Sivan could cry just thinkin about you 00:02:38

Chris Gehringer, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - David Williams, Additional Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Dan Grech-Marguerat, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Jeremy Ferguson, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Styalz Fuego, Vocal Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Troye Sivan, MainArtist - Troye Sivan Mellet, ComposerLyricist - Teo Halm, Producer, ComposerLyricist - Alex Pachino, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Karina DePiano, Keyboards, Recording Arranger, AssociatedPerformer - A.J Novak, Drums, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2021 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.

Seventeen Going Under
Sam Fender Seventeen Going Under 00:04:57
Sweet Forgiveness
Barbra Streisand Release Me 2 00:05:12
So Simpatico (Edit)
Villagers So Simpatico 00:03:05

David Wrench, Mixer - Villagers, MainArtist - Conor J. O'Brien, Composer, Lyricist, Producer - Domino Publishing Company Ltd, MusicPublisher

2021 Domino Recording Co Ltd 2021 Domino Recording Co Ltd

Renegade (feat. Taylor Swift)
Big Red Machine Renegade (feat. Taylor Swift) 00:04:14

Justin Vernon, AssociatedPerformer - Taylor Swift, FeaturedArtist - Aaron Dessner, Producer, AssociatedPerformer - Jason Treuting, AssociatedPerformer - Bryce Dessner, AssociatedPerformer - Big Red Machine, MainArtist

2021 Jagjaguwar / 37d03d 2021 Jagjaguwar / 37d03d

Laura Mvula Pink Noise 00:04:02

Troy Miller, Additional Production, Horns Arranger - Stuart Hawkes, Masterer - Robbie Nelson, Horns Engineer - Tom Walsh, Trumpet - Dann Hume, Composer, Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Electric Guitar, Additional Production - Trevor Mires, Trombone, Trumpet - Mike Davis, Trumpet - Oli Rockberger, Backing Vocals - Laura Mvula, Composer, Producer, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals, Synth Bass, Synthesizer, MainArtist - James Gardiner-Bateman, Saxophone - Karl Rasheed-Abel, Bass Guitar

under exclusive licence to Warner Music UK Limited.An Atlantic Records UK release, © 2021 Flamingo Records Limited under exclusive licence to Warner Music UK Limited, ℗ 2021 Flamingo Records Limited

Imagine Dragons Wrecked 00:04:04

John Hanes, Mix Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Serban Ghenea, Mixer, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Jason Lader, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Imagine Dragons, Producer, Recording Engineer, MainArtist, StudioPersonnel - Dan Reynolds, Vocals, Programming, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Wayne Sermon, Guitar, Programming, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Ben McKee, Bass, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Daniel Platzman, Drums, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Randy Merrill, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Dylan Neustadter, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Jonathan Pfarr, Engineer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2021 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records

Distorted Light Beam
Bastille Distorted Light Beam 00:02:57

Ryan Tedder, Producer, ComposerLyricist - Chris Gehringer, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Mark 'Spike' Stent, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Dan Smith, Producer, Keyboards, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Llinos Richards, Cello, AssociatedPerformer - Dan Priddy, Keyboards, Programming, AssociatedPerformer - Mark Crew, Producer, Keyboards, Recording Engineer, Programming, AssociatedPerformer, StudioPersonnel, ComposerLyricist - Jonny Abraham, String Arranger, AssociatedPerformer - Bastille, MainArtist - Kyle Simmons, Computermusic Voices, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Rosie Langley, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Rich Rich, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Marty Rod, ComposerLyricist - Ciara Ismail, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Matt Wolach, Assistant Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Marty Maro, Producer, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Programming, AssociatedPerformer - Jordan Bergmans, Viola, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2021 Virgin Records Limited

The Forgotten Edge
Molly Lewis The Forgotten Edge 00:02:18

Thomas Brenneck, Producer - Joe Harrison, Composer - Molly Lewis, Composer, MainArtist

2021 Jagjaguwar 2021 Jagjaguwar

You Got
Beka You Got 00:03:26

Joe Turner, Producer, Writer - Beka, Producer, Writer, MainArtist

© 2021 LAB Records, Ltd ℗ 2021 LAB Records, Ltd

Some Days
Dennis Lloyd Some Days 00:03:00

Joe LaPorta, Mastering Engineer - Dennis Lloyd, Producer, Piano, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Nir Tibor, Composer

(P) 2021 MTFKR, Ltd., under exclusive license to Arista Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Better Distractions
Faye Webster I Know I'm Funny haha 00:04:09

Harold Brown, AssociatedPerformer - Jeremy Wheatley, AssociatedPerformer - Nick Rosen, AssociatedPerformer - Henry White, AssociatedPerformer - Matt Stoessel, AssociatedPerformer - Drew Vandenberg, Producer - Faye Webster, Producer, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Bryan Howard, AssociatedPerformer - Faye Connell Webster, Composer, Lyricist

2021 Secretly Canadian 2020 Secretly Canadian

Good Thing
Maple Glider To Enjoy is the Only Thing 00:04:12

Tom Iansek, Producer, MixingEngineer - Tori Zietsch, Composer - Maple Glider, MainArtist

2021 Partisan Records / Pieater 2021 Partisan Records / Pieater

I'll Go Running
Squirrel Flower Planet (i) 00:03:56

Ali Chant, Producer, MixingEngineer - Squirrel Flower, MainArtist - Ella O'Connor Williams, Composer

2021 Squirrel Flower under exclusive licence to Full Time Hobby 2021 Squirrel Flower under exclusive licence to Full Time Hobby

Hot & Heavy
Lucy Dacus Home Video 00:04:10

Bob Ludwig, Engineer - Shawn Everett, Mixer - Lucy Dacus, Producer, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Camille Faulkner, AssociatedPerformer - Collin Pastore, Producer - Jacob Blizard, Producer, AssociatedPerformer - Preston Cochran, Engineer - Jake Finch, Producer, AssociatedPerformer - Scottie Prudhoe, Engineer

2021 Matador Records 2021 Matador Records

Dancing on the Sun
William Fitzsimmons Ready the Astronaut 00:03:25

William Fitzsimmons, Composer, Lyricist, MainArtist - Adam Landry, Producer - Bosworth Music Publishing, MusicPublisher

2021 Grönland Records 2021 Grönland Records

County Fair
John Grant Boy from Michigan 00:05:09

John Grant, Composer, Producer, MainArtist, MixingEngineer - Cate le Bon, Producer - Samur Khouja, MixingEngineer

2021 Bella Union 2021 Bella Union

For Free (feat. Sarah Jarosz)
David Crosby For Free (feat. Sarah Jarosz) 00:03:43

David Crosby, Engineer, MainArtist - Bernie Grundman, Engineer - Joni Mitchell, Composer - Dan Garcia, Engineer - JAMES RAYMOND, Producer, Engineer, Piano - Sarah Jarosz, FeaturedArtist

© 2021 Three Blind Mice, Inc. under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC ℗ 2021 Three Blind Mice, Inc. under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

Wild Side
Laurel LIMBO CHERRY 00:03:43

Joe LaPorta, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Laurel, MainArtist - Chrome Sparks, Producer - Jeremy Malvin, Drums, Guitar, Vocal Producer, Bass, Synclavier, AssociatedPerformer - Geoff Swan, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Laurel Arnell-Cullen, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Jeremy Fromm Malvin, ComposerLyricist - Laurel Mae Arnell-Cullen, ComposerLyricist

℗ 2021 Communion Group Ltd

Movie Star
The Veronicas HUMAN 00:03:16

Anthony Egizii, Composer, Lyricist, Mixing Engineer - David Musumeci, Composer, Lyricist - Chris Gehringer, Mastering Engineer - DnA, Producer - The Veronicas, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Jessica Origliasso, Composer, Lyricist - Lisa Origliasso, Composer, Lyricist - Deja Miller, Composer, Lyricist - Wakeel Thomas, Composer, Lyricist - FR33SOL, FeaturedArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Lavva, FeaturedArtist, AssociatedPerformer - The Veronicas feat. FR33SOL & Lavva, AssociatedPerformer

(P) 2021 Sony Music Entertainment Pty Ltd

Saint Sister Where I Should End 00:03:21

Copyright Control, MusicPublisher - Benedikt MacIsaac, Mixer - Rian Trench, Engineer - Saint Sister, Producer, MainArtist - Gemma Doherty, Composer, Lyricist - Morgana MacIntyre, Composer, Lyricist

2021 Saint Sister, under exclusive license to ie:too ltd 2020 Saint Sister, under exclusive license to ie:too ltd

Black Hole
Griff One Foot In Front Of The Other 00:03:20

Chris Gehringer, Masterer - Dan Grech-Marguerat, Mixer - Griff, Composer, Vocals, MainArtist - Lostboy, Producer, Engineer, Keyboards, Drum Programmer, Bass Programmer - Peter Rycroft, Composer - Frederik Castenschiold Eichen, Composer

under exclusive licence to Warner Music UK Limited, © 2021 Griff Under exclusive licence to Warner Music UK Limited, ℗ 2021 Griff

Milky Chance Colorado 00:02:54

Sebastian Arman, Composer, Lyricist - Joacim Bo Persson, Composer, Lyricist - Decco, Producer - Milky Chance, Producer, MainArtist - Clemens Rehbein, Composer, Lyricist - Philipp Maximilian Dausch, Composer, Lyricist

2021 Muggelig Records GmbH 2021 Muggelig Records GmbH

The Devil
banks The Devil 00:02:47

Banks, Producer, MainArtist - Al Shux, Producer - Alexander Shuckburgh, ComposerLyricist - Jeff Gitelman, ComposerLyricist - Jillian Banks, ComposerLyricist - Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman, Producer

2021 BANKS under exclusive license to AWAL Recordings America, Inc. 2021 BANKS under exclusive license to AWAL Recordings America, Inc.

Orange City Blues
Max Jury The Shade and the Grass 00:04:04

Max Jury, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, MainArtist - Stacy Harden, Composer, Lyricist, Producer

2021 Marathon Artists 2021 Marathon Artists

Crooked Teeth
Oska Crooked Teeth 00:03:47

Alexander Pohn, Composer, Producer - Oska, MainArtist - David McKendry, Composer - Maria Burger, Composer

© 2021 OSKA under exclusive license to Nettwerk Music Group Inc. ℗ 2021 OSKA under exclusive license to Nettwerk Music Group Inc.

I Want Love
Jessie J I Want Love 00:03:17

David Campbell, String Arranger, Strings, AssociatedPerformer - Ryan Tedder, Producer, ComposerLyricist - Jessica Cornish, ComposerLyricist - Bill Cantos, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Serban Ghenea, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Bill Maxwell, Choir Arranger, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Judith Hill, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Alfie Silas, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Jessie J, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Rich Rich, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Marty Rod, ComposerLyricist - Jason Morales, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Randy Merrill, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Melodye Perry, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Marty Maro, Producer, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Programming, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2021 Republic Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc & Lava Music LLC

Annika and The Forest Pretence 00:03:50

Annika Grill, Composer, Lyricist - Annika and The Forest, MainArtist - Charles Storm, Producer

2020 Whatever 2020 Whatever

Beautiful Mistakes
Maroon 5 JORDI (Deluxe - Explicit) 00:03:47

Joe Kirkland, ComposerLyricist - James Valentine, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Serban Ghenea, Mixer, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Jacob Kasher Hindlin, ComposerLyricist - Maroon 5, MainArtist - ADAM LEVINE, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Andrew Goldstein, Producer, Guitar, Keyboards, Programming, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Matthew Musto, Keyboards, Programming, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - blackbear, Producer - Noah "Mailbox" Passovoy, Vocal Producer, Recording Engineer, AssociatedPerformer, StudioPersonnel - Randy Merrill, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Shawn "Source" Jarrett, Vocal Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Megan Thee Stallion, MainArtist - Megan Pete, ComposerLyricist - Sam Schamberg, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2021 Interscope Records

Four Leaf Clover
Newton Faulkner Interference (of Light) 00:04:13

Newton Faulkner, Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Programmer, Vocals, Synthesizer, MainArtist, ComposerLyricist - Toby Faulkner, Percussion, Backing Vocals, ComposerLyricist - Troy Miller, Drums - Copyright Control, MusicPublisher - Liam Nolan, Mixer - Beau Faulkner Richards, Backing Vocals - Gemma Sykes, Backing Vocals

(C) 2021 Battenberg Records (P) 2021 Battenberg Records

Marry The Night
Kylie Minogue Marry The Night 00:04:39

Biff Stannard, Producer, Programming, AssociatedPerformer - Duck Blackwell, Producer, Programming, AssociatedPerformer - Fernando Garibay, ComposerLyricist - Kylie Minogue, Engineer, MainArtist, StudioPersonnel - Stefani Germanotta, ComposerLyricist - Jon Castelli, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Randy Merrill, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2021 Darenote Limited

Chivalry Is Not Dead
Hiatus Kaiyote Chivalry Is Not Dead 00:03:26

Hiatus Kaiyote, Producer, MainArtist - Paul Bender, ComposerLyricist - Naomi Saalfield, ComposerLyricist - Simon Mavin, ComposerLyricist - Perrin Moss, ComposerLyricist - Warner Chappell Music/Universal Music Publishing Group (APRA/BMI), MusicPublisher

2021 Brainfeeder 2021 Brainfeeder

Seinabo Sey Sweet Life 00:03:20

Jonas Nordelius, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Hannes, MainArtist - Carli Löf, Producer, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel, ComposerLyricist - Marcus White, ComposerLyricist - Seinabo Sey, Producer, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Salem Al Fakir, Piano, AssociatedPerformer - Aryan Marzban, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Isak Alverus, Producer, ComposerLyricist - Emmanuel Hailemariam, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Rasmus Lindelöw, Producer, Piano, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Hannes Jonsson, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist

℗ 2021 Saraba AB

already there
Jasmine Thompson already there 00:02:56

Tom Barnes, Writer - Pete Kelleher, Writer - TMS, Producer, Programmer - Benjamin Kohn, Writer - Jasmine Thompson, Vocals, Writer, MainArtist - Michael Pollack, Writer - Madelene Eliasson, Producer, Writer - Sebastian Daniel, Producer, Writer - Kristin Carpenter, Writer

© 2021 Atlantic Recording Corporation ℗ 2021 Atlantic Recording Corporation

About Playlist

Listen to the latest Pop releases, last updated on July 23rd, 2021. With Coldplay, Molly Burch, Haim, Samia, Emma-Jean Thackray, Grace Davies, John Mayer, Tones and I, FrYars, Natalie Bergman, Caroline Polachek, Laurell, Gary Kemp, Clairo, Tom Odell, Billie Eilish, Joy Oladokun...

Photo: Billie Eilish © Kelia Anne MacCluskey

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