It’s 2024 and it’s full steam ahead! Take a look into Qobuz’s crystal ball and see which artists we’re predicting more of this year.

The Last Dinner Party

The Last Dinner Party are a genre-defying band that has captivated everyone from industry professionals to fans alike with their blend of indie rock, folk, and alternative sounds. With members from diverse musical backgrounds, the band creates a dynamic and innovative sound that exudes decadence (think all the grandeur and camp of Queen). The group gained recognition for their thrilling live performances after slogging through the circuit in London, having played at renowned venues like The Roxy and even opening for The Rolling Stones. Their music, characterized by intricate melodies and heartfelt lyrics, takes listeners on a compelling journey. With their hotly anticipated debut album Prelude to Ecstasy just released, they are a group that are best seen live.

“Nothing Matters” - The Last Dinner Party (LIVE at The Late Show)

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Razor Braids

Razor Braids, a Brooklyn-based queer, all-female/non-binary rock band, skillfully blend their vulnerable and self-aware indie rock with dynamic 90s alternative and grunge instrumentation. After paying their dues to the local gig circuit, the group are set to release their sophomore album in 2024, expanding on their unique mix of layered vocals, heavy riffs, and broody lyrics. The band’s journey began in 2017, with operatically trained lead vocalist and bassist Hollye Bynum, guitarist Janie Peacock, rhythm guitarist Jilly Karande, and drummer Hannah Nichols. Their music explores the feminine perspective on topics like heartbreak, strength, toxic friendships, loneliness, and confronting the patriarchy. The influence of 90s punk and grunge mixed with Phoebe Bridgers-esque songwriting makes this group stand out amongst the wash of male-led bands in this 90s punk revival movement.

Rachel Chinouriri

Rachel Chinouriri, a London-based artist, describes her music as intelligent and cheeky. Influenced by Coldplay and Daughter, she found inspiration in their cinematic sound and atmospheric guitars. Hailing from Croydon, South London, Chinouriri embraces the local scene’s inspiration while making her lyrics and melodies unique. Her single “So My Darling” went viral on TikTok, helping Rachel find her audience. As a black artist in the indie pop sphere, Chinouriri defies genre stereotypes and refuses to be put in the box of a ‘soul’ or ‘urban’ singer. Creating music that reflects her authentic style and challenges attempts to categorize her, her upcoming debut album What A Devastating Turn of Events is bound to launch this indie-pop princess to new heights.

Barry Can’t Swim

Barry Can’t Swim is a uniquely bold and colorful voice in electronic music who has made a mark with a diverse array of tracks blending club sounds, afrobeat, and jazz. Born Joshua Mainnie in Edinburgh, he discovered his passion for music early on and, after exploring various instruments, embraced a solo path in production. Influenced by the Beatles and drawn to the percussive kick of Fela Kuti, these infectious melodies, pulsing rhythms, and general British cheekiness can be heard in his music. Barry’s journey led him to Ninja Tune, where he released his debut album, When Will We Land? Keep an eye out for this lovable larrikin as he jumps on the festival circuit for 2024.

Barry Can't Swim - 'Blackpool Boulevard' (Live from St. John at Hackney)

Barry Can't Swim


Logic1000, the alias of the elusive Sydney-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ Samantha Poulter, brings her fresh take to the German capital’s thriving electronic music scene. Her debut EP, titled Logic1000, released on Melbourne-based label SUMAC, quickly gained attention from top-tier talents. Samantha’s unconventional music-making process blends concepts, genres, samples, and UK-centric dance rhythms, resulting in a robust and stark sound. Mixing UK-inspired dance rhythms, funky tribal house, and vocal samples, Logic1000 encapsulates Samantha’s unique unorthodox approach to dance music. Juggling being a mother with her burgeoning career, Samantha chooses her live shows wisely, but with her debut album Mother arriving in March, there is lots to look forward to from Logic1000.


HotWax, the raw punk force making waves across the UK, are tearing up stages with their self-released tracks. The group blends post-punk, grunge, and alternative rock to craft a distinctive yet familiar sound synonymous with the current UK punk movement. Their first EP, released with Marathon Artists, A Thousand Times, is full of catchy riff-led rock and head-thrashing grunge moments. Comprising Tallulah Sim-Savage (vocals/guitar), Lola Sam (bass), and Alfie Sayers (drums), the barely-out-of-school trio is set to grace festival stages across the UK this year, so be sure to catch them.


London-based quartet Qwalia comprises musicians from diverse backgrounds who all feature as cornerstones of the UK’s contemporary music scene, with the members of the group working alongside the likes of Joy Crooks, Sampha, Jordan Rakei, and Nubiyan Twist. This psychedelic-jazz quartet, led by drummer Yusuf Ahmed, known for his work with David Byrne and others, also features Tal Janes (guitar & vocals), Ben Reed (bass), and Joseph Costi (synth, keys, piano). Their 2023 debut Sound and Reason showcased a fusion of funk, folk, ambient, and avant-pop in an experimental, improvisational style, placing this group firmly at the centre of London’s thriving jazz scene.

Qwalia - Live Session from our studio in North London

Qwalia Sound

Kali Malone

Kali Malone, an American-Swedish composer and sound artist based in Stockholm and Paris, is renowned for her minimalist compositions that incorporate specific tuning systems. Working with various formats, including pipe organ, choir, chamber music, and electroacoustic genres, Malone’s rich harmonic textures and repetitive motions create a distinctive sound. Malone has gained recognition for her work with the organ, performing at prestigious venues like Hamburg Elbphilharmonie and the Venice Biennale. Kali Malone’s commitment to specific tuning systems places her as a notable figure in contemporary music. Her upcoming album, All Life Long, featuring compositions by Malone for pipe organ, choir, and brass quintet, demonstrates her clear and unique vision as a composer that will surely garner further international acclaim.

Obscura Hail

Originally a solo project by Melbourne-via-Wollongong’s Sean Conran, Obscura Hail has transformed into a trio, including bassist Tamara Issa and drummer Kaelan Edmond. Renowned for their “consoling, cathartic indie rock,” Obscura Hail are gearing up to release their debut album Playing Dead in 2024. In the sea of indie-rock bands coming out of Australia, Obscura Hail’s music stands out. Their style is characterized by a unique blend of delicate instrumentals and often existentialist themes, navigating a distinctive lane within the indie-rock genre. Continuing their exploration of naively optimistic folk, pop, and punk tunes with delicate harmonies and finger-picky riffs Obscura Hail will be ones to catch on the Australian festival circuit in 2024.

Bricknasty - fashion | Live at Other Voices Festival (2022)



Bricknasty originated as a lockdown studio project in Ballymun, Ireland, in 2020 and has since evolved into a dynamic band with members hailing from across the country. Comprising singer/guitarist Fatboy, drummer Korey Thomas, sax/keys player Louis Younge, and bassist Dara Abdurahman, they’ve garnered attention for their infectious live energy and eclectic style. Bricknasty, led by Fatboy’s diverse musical background, draws inspiration from everything from the group’s upbringing in Ballymun, to genres like neo-soul, R&B, rave music, garage, and hip-hop. Signed to Jorja Smith’s label FAMM, the group’s 2023 debut EP INA CRUELER is vibrant and fresh with elements of funk coupled with the looseness of jazz and the energy of hip-hop—definitely ones to watch in 2024.