Cat Power is back with a live album featuring a re-performance of a Bob Dylan concert from 1966. The culmination of a long passion for the man she calls “God Dylan”

Cat Power—Chan Marshall—wanted to mark the moment in 1966 that “informs everything …  this precipice of time that changed music forever”: Bob Dylan’s “Royal Albert Hall Concert” (actually played at the Manchester Free Trade Hall), the one when he switched from acoustic to electric midway through—prompting an incensed folk purist to yell out “Judas!” Fifty-six years after that concert, Marshall delivered a sublime song-for-song re-creation of the set, at the actual Royal Albert Hall. “I’m not being Bob … I’m just recreating it, that’s all. But not making it mine,” she has said. Inevitably, though, the songs do become hers. It’s evident right away, from “She Belongs to Me” (and shortly after, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”), the influence Dylan has long had on Cat Power’s music. But with her husky voice, so like Nico’s now and far from Dylan’s youthful reediness, revealing traces of her Georgia upbringing (“She don’t look baaaaack”) and contrasting the clean acoustic guitar and shiny harmonica, she owns it.